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Dominican President inaugurates agro-tourism resort In Ocoa Bay

Dominican and U.S. investors began the development of the first agro-tourism resort to be built in the country, which is also the first resort hotel and real estate in Tourist Destination Number 8 on the coast of the beautiful bay in the South Ocoa .

The start and formal launch of the project was conducted with a ceremony attended by President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, accompanied by several ministers and heads of departments related to this initiative, local authorities and tourism business personalities.

The initial investment is $70 million and the construction phase will create 600 jobs, upon completion of the investment project is $167 million dollars and 1500 jobs. 

Both investment and job creation, for its important agricultural component-is higher than in traditional tourism projects.

The area initially committed to this development is 1.4 million square meters, and the first phase covers 140,000 meters square this complex agro tourism and real estate whose main attribute distinguishing a vineyard capable of producing high quality wines and grapes table.

Medina planted a vine "Missions", which is the heir to the Spanish conquerors introduced to the country in the early days of the colony, and from here taken to Mexico, Peru, Chile and Argentina, countries that still cultivate this species.

The activity gave a historical account shows that wine culture is initially introduced in America in what is now the Dominican Republic and from Hispaniola was introduced to the rest of the continent in the hands of Hernan Cortes, who took her to Mexico and Francisco Pizarro who introduced it in South America.

OcoaBay has been conceived as a resort community with villas, boutique hotels, clubhouse, restaurant, marina, shops, conference rooms, amphitheater, church, spa, botanical garden, raquet club, kids club, heliport, airstrip, parking, water supply, treatment plant wastewater, electrical service and collection system and treatment of solid waste.

In the first phase includes villas, plots for sale and a boutique hotel and the main facilities and infrastructures such complexes, in addition to the vineyard.
This new complex is the first sustainable agro-tourism type, developed in the country and the first major initiative in this sector in the South coast. more