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Nebrija University Professor highlights importance of multi-destination

Prof. Bruno Pujol

Professor Bruno Pujol, assistant dean of the University of Nebrija, Spain, highlighted the importance of multi-destinations and said that in the case of the Americas meet a market demand for medium and long distances and can contribute to reposition established destinations, in combination with other startup process.

Pujol addressed the topic "Multi-Destination" in a dynamic way, as part of the second Dominican Annual Tourism Forum (FODATUR 2012), organized by the Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium (CDCT), sponsored by the U.S. Agency for Agency for International Development (USAID), through the Sustainable Tourism Empowerment Programme.

Among the advantages of multi-destinations Pujol cited to include the combination and synergies between complementary products and destinations that dinanamiza supply and product portfolio and the work of tour operators.

Pujol  explained that  the multi-destination offers the advantages of more alternatives to tourists  available to the move to a lower cost, the ability to integrate several countries on vacation and have a wider choice, attractive and varied.

The professor of the University of Nebrija stressed that the multi-destinations favors the public sector is the private, the official tourist agencies, customs, tour operators, tour guides, air travel and especially to the hotels

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