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Fernandez leads ceremony to JW Marriott Hotel construction

President Leonel Fernandez Wednesday led the ceremony whichbegan the construction of JW Marriott, 131 rooms in the Blue SquareMall with a private investment of $ 40 million.

The president expressed satisfaction with the confidence of foreign businessmen to invest in the Dominican Republic.

Mr. Fernández indicated that these large investments, such as the JW Marriot, promote the national economy.

While the Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier Garcia said that when chains like Velutini are installed in the country, reflects the confidence of international investors in the Dominican territory.

Javier Garcia stressed that the country has made ​​history with the issue of tourism, as the first three months of this year received 749 million 355 thousand vacationers.

For his part, Luis Emilio Velutini, Velutini Group President, said that this hotel will be the first in the Caribbean islands and is located in the best place in the National District.

JW Marriot is a line of luxury hotels that are owned and operated by Marriott International, founded in 1777, part since 2003 in the Intercontinental Hotel Group.

The tower will have 16 levels starting from the sixth floor of Blue Mall,being this the first floor of what will be the five star hotel of 132 rooms, JW Marriot.

The work, designed by the company Gomez Vazquez Aldana &Associates (GVA) will be raised in 8 000 800 square meters. more

Medina promises to support tourism in the eastern

eastern region

The presidential candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Danilo Medina, promised here offer full support to the tourism sector in the East region, taking into account the benefits it can generate for their people and country.

Medina said that commitment to tourism development in the east, as well as the promotion of industry, small businesses and theagricultural, considering fundamental axes that produce progress and prosperity for all Dominicans.

He said the men and women of this demarcation have welcomed proposals to promote regional development and pledged to continue and complete all the works started by the current administration and immediately start construction of the aqueduct of the city of Higuey. more

Tourism, a vital source in the economy of the Dominican Republic

The tourism sector of the Dominican Republic has experienced a great demand in recent times, a situation that demands better training in the hospitality and tourism students and therefore morecommitment from schools and universities that offer this career.

Mr. Luis Felipe Aquino  dean to the University of Action Pro Education and Culture (APEC), said this words when referring to the largest number of jobs in the country are related to hotel and therefore the institutions should pay a professional to prepare or that meets thetechnical needs of industry.

The dean said that all APEC graduated from that institution in the tourist rush is suitable for incorporation into the labor market and toperform executive positions at the departmental administrative and operational structure of hotels and food and beverage companies also may hold managerial position in any other sub-sectors such as tourism, air transport and land, as well as travel agents andoperators.

As noted by Aquino, hospitality and tourism career aims to provide the Dominican and foreign labor market of highly qualified professionals for the tourism sector with competencies and skills toanalyze and evaluate objectively the phenomenon of tourism on a national and international level and as the economic and social impact of this sector.

The dean also said that APEC tourism enterprises in the country by increasing market demand presents certain conditions when hiring aprofessional or technical area, including that dominates the English perfectly and also master an additional language either French, Italian, Russian, among others, who know the strategic points of the country, and duty must have done 800 hours of internship in hotels, so check the graduate experience. more


World Bank includes the Dominican Republic among the top performers

The World Bank (WB) included Dominican Republic, and Panama, as the only countries in the region to achieve growth "exceptional" within the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean.

 Augusto de la Torre, World Bank Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean, said in presenting the report "Latin America faces the volatility, the dark side of globalization", that the growth of countries reflect two major forces in the forecasts for 2013, although the estimate is consistent with low inflation, 3.5% and 4.1%. 

 Peru, Panama, Dominican Republic and Colombia grow above the average for the region, said an economist at the press conference chaired by Sergio Jellinek. 

He said the forecasts are down half a percentage point on regional growth, due to uncertainty in Europe. Dominican Republic will grow 4.5% this year and next projected by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), while European countries still impacted by the crisis, especially those in the Eurozone. 

De la Torre said that most Anglophone Caribbean countries are highly exposed to external volatility, as their space is limited by the size, openness and high levels of debt. 

Dominican Republic is a country that has been growing vigorously, one of the best performers in the region, and is tightly integrated flows of trade and financial flows and thus to capture the benefits of globalization need to capture the potential external volatility more


Barcelo Bavaro Beach and Hard Rock will offer cocktails to guests of the DATE 2012

The renovated Barcelo Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana, will offer a welcome cocktail at the national and international guests participating in the 2012 Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange, DATE. 

 The event will be held today Tuesday 17 at 7:30 pm.

The Barcelo Bavaro Beach novelties include the opening of the Golf section of the Barceló Bávaro Palace Deluxe, which culminates with the massive remodeling of the Barceló Bávaro Beach Resort started in 2008.

Barcelo Bavaro Beach Adults Only was launched in december 2011, with a new offer, superior to that offered during the first 25 years of operation of the Barcelo Bavaro Beach Resort.

The establishment, built on one of the 10 best beaches in the world, offers 3 categories of rooms with access to all resort facilities. 

Among which are fine restaurants, magnificent golf course with 18 holes designed by P. B. Dye, modern U Spa and water parks for children and adults.

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana is located approximately 35 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport, 1 hour from La Romana International Airport, has a vision to become the best destination in the Caribbean & Casino.

The resort features a convention center of 65.500 square feet, with capacity for 5,000 people, with conference technology at the forefront of the latest generation. They are designed to accommodate the perfection of the production complex. more


10 millions tourists for the Dominican Republic

Bringing 10 million tourists to the country as proposed by thepresidential candidate of the PLD, Danilo Medina, is feasible with a development plan and desirable because it would create more than 800 000 jobs bringing more than $ 10 billion in foreign exchange earnings bike that exceeds the value total of the dominican exports from last year.

The approach was made by Mr. Enrique de Marchena past president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the RD and the Association of Caribbean Hotel and Tourism, speaking at the School of Tourism Central University (UCE), yesterday to professionals, tourism operators and tourism students.

For this lawyer, tourism issues is of paramount importance that candidates from both major parties, Medina (PLD) and Mejía of the PRD,recognized in their respective programs of government the great importance for the country's inmediate future sector development tourism. 

He proposed to become a "target country" Medina's proposal to bring 10 million tourists in 10 years.

He said that although it is an ambitious goal, the country should try for the "broad impact on the economy and the development ofnational productive potential," and said that this could be achieved with development planning 10 years and defining features of the model is to promote tourism.

He justified his position by analyzing the large states would impact this development project in the economy in this decade. 

He cited as a positive example that 10 million tourists would demand only for consumption in tourist establishments at least 45 billion pesos inlocal food of agricultural origin, amount to be disclosed as extraordinary compared to the RD $ 66 billion was the value of the 41major agricultural items produced in 2010.
He said there would be a great contribution to employment with the creation of 800 thousand jobs in tourism and related sectorsthe liquor industry and beverage would have an unprecedented sales of more than 3,500 million pesos only to hotels, and RD $ 2.3 billion in soft drinks bill.
 De Marchena explained the extraordinary impact the construction sector would receive the state and the private sector and U.S. $ 15 billion for infrastructure and construction and renovation of rooms.

 It would be built in the early about 100 000 additional rooms and renovate or rebuild at least 40 000 of thecurrently existing.
 He said that this investment is more than anything and the government budget for 2012, higher than all the resources allocated to the Ministry of Public Works in the period 1990-2010 and is 5 times more than all registered private investment in construction inthe past 10 years. more


JW Marriott at Blue Mall

The Venezuelan group Velutini announced yesterday that the Blue Mall shopping center will host in a hotel tower under the name JW Marriott, 131 rooms of the suite, which will openin 2014.

The information was offered yesterday by Luis Emilio Velutini U.,Velutini Group Presidentin his visit to the director of Diario Libre, Adriano Miguel Tejada.

The Venezuelan executive appreciated the hospitality received from the people and the Dominican governmentsince he was invited to invest in the Dominican Republic by President Leonel Fernandez.

He explained that the total investment Mall Blue is U.S. $ 130 million, of which $ 50 million invested in the tower. 
Of this amount, $ 40 million related to the hotel, when you start operations employ 260 people. Today, Blue Mall has 350 direct jobs and 1,000 indirect jobs.The Blue Mall is a joint project. In the first stage was built mall and built a tower of 15 floors, of which the hotel has seven floors and theremaining eight are for offices.

The hotel will operate under the brand JW Marriott will be the first inthe Caribbean islands and will be officially announced on April 25, with the assistance of President Leonel Fernandez and World President of Marriott, Bill Marriott.

The entire project of Blue Mall has about 130 000 squareconstruction. The tower structure will be ready in August. For the first half of 2013 given the offices and the end of 2014 the opening of thehotel. And half of the investment is implemented, Velutini said, noting that they are in the best destination in the city. more