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Buggies in Jarabacoa

Adrenaline is the word that sums up the exciting adventures that offers "Jarabacoa Riders" to the lovers of nature, culture and extreme adventure in each of its nature trails designed for the most demanding tastes.

Dania Medina Executive of the company announced the three main routes: "Light Path" this route has a length of 28 kilometers and an hour or so. "Full Path" with a distance of 49 miles and nearly two hours.

The third "Extreme Path" with a history of approximately 58 kilometers and nearly three hours, where you will find great challenges and extreme experience river crossings, mud holes, climbs and descents on mountain slopes. 

 During this trip is necessary to use the 4x4 blocking and push the boundaries of buggy skills.

When we speak about buggies, we speak of an SUV that offers security and manageability, while allowing the user to the most contact with the ground and the nature around you while driving. 

Feel the breeze, the sun, rain, see the landscape at his side in a comfortable and safe device designed to enjoy the forest track and off-road point it Mrs. Medina.

The buggy is made through the paths, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the best overcoming obstacles on mountain roads.  

Jarabacoa Riders invites lovers of extreme adventure excursions in groups with a guide who leads the way and, if necessary, a jeep accompanying support to prevent any contingency.

Jarabacoa Riders has a trained team that guarantees an adventure, an excursion absolutely stunning, in which you and your partner will enjoy the maximum driving so much fun. more


Jarabacoa is must for extreme sports lovers

Jarabacoa is recognized as a mecca of rafting in the Dominican Republic.

Feel the pleasure of slipping on a raft traveling by hasty and rough waters of the Yaque del Norte River, the largest of the Caribbean, is an extreme adventure trip, ecological and memorable where adrenaline is actually tested.

Get on the raft and enjoy the refreshing waters, to sail on an unforgettable adventure, discovering breathtaking scenery.

journey will be accompanied by professional guides who offer pre-start basic training, you will have several wetsuit, life jacket, shoes, helmet.

The route is 15 km and about 2 ½ hours duration.

This tour
is for adventure lovers or those who want to try something new.

The tours are organized by specialized host as Rancho Jarabacoa, Rancho Dos Rios and Jarabacoa Riders.

These operators offer transportation, snacks, lunch and a comfortable stay giving a maximum of safety in each of his travels.

Thanks to its unique geographic location Jarabacoa has the ability to allow visitors a wide range of extreme sports such as rafting, canyoning, rappelling, kayaking and paragliding.

Besides the classic Four Wheels, hiking, horses, mountain bikes, buggies and jeep safaris. more


Playa Nueva Romana

Playa Nueva Romana

Grupo Piñero, with an upward trend over 30 years experience in the international market in hospitality, real estate and tourism continues to expand its horizons and innovating with enthusiasm, now offering a new large complex Playa Nueva Romana, Residences, Marina & Golf, a development in the Dominican Republic as part of its portfolio of exclusive and luxurious residential projects.

Playa Nueva Romana is one of the properties in the Dominican Republic that offers a world of privilege and feelings, where you can enjoy a variety of activities and impeccable service.

In this development in the Dominican Republic enjoy the combination of benefits provided by the luxurious residential Playa Nueva Romana and added value to project their hotels Bahia Principe, suppliers of a wide range of services to meet the wishes of its residents.

Playa Nueva Romana is a project where you will find everything imaginable to meet your most demanding wishes of welfare: two miles of beach, palm trees, large areas of tropical forests, two magnificent golf courses in the first level, a marina, shops, delicious food, tennis courts, spa and relaxation areas, etc..

In conclusion, everything I needed to find what part of Playa Nueva Romana.

wider range of properties in the Dominican Republic: Luxury villas, modern apartments near the marina and several residential areas, just a matter of choosing the one that best fits what you always dreamed of.

One of the most famous clients of Playa Nueva Romana is the spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal who will visit Dominican Republic to exhaust a busy schedule that includes a visit to this project including a press conference.

Nadal, a tennis elite recognized worldwide, will be in the residential project Playa Nueva Romana, receiving the keys of the Villa he recently acquired.

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Saona Island Naval Station

Saona Island

The Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (ASONAHORES) and the Association of La Romana-Bayahibe Hotels (AHRB) announced their support for the initiative to rebuild the monitoring station of the Navy in Saona Island, provided the project meets environmental standards and serve the facilitation of tourism in the area.

Both organizations are worthy tourist consider the reasons given by the Navy to restore the naval station and complete the construction of a dock that is not located in the Catuano channel as stated.

"After obtaining all the official information on the subject, we express our agreement, subject to compliance with environmental regulations, because there is a naval base, but a monitoring station to a critical area, with a small dock with a capacity for two speed boats, "says the press release.

In addition to monitoring for traffic control of drugs, human trafficking, arms smuggling and other criminal activities, the naval unit will support the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in the protection of natural resources, as both the Island Saona as the entire coastline of the area are part of the Parque Nacional del Este.

Also, explain ASONAHORES and AHRB, the coastline of the Eastern National Park and surroundings of Saona Island, is an area of ​​intense tourism, which brings Naval Station security and the Navy is committed to meeting the good practice in facilitating the development of tourism. more