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Antique Auto Club presents muscle cars

muscle car
The Antique Car Club Classic from the Dominican Republic (CAACRD) presents a sample of vehicles called "muscle cars" in the first level at Blue Mall shopping center, the exhibition consists of eleven classic cars will be until next Wednesday 22 February and features cars modles such as Pontiac GTO, Camaro, Mustang, Ford Cobra and Corvette among others.

The coordination of the activity was given by former president Quirilio Vilorio who explained "The term" muscle car "is used to refer to a variety of high performance vehicles of intermediate size, equipped with a large displacement engine and sold at a price reasonable intended use of which is a party to the street and partly on a track a quarter mile, a two-door American car. " more


First Cycle of Young Gastronomy from Spain

The Embassy of Spain and the Ambassador West Hotel held from February 29 to March 2, the "First Cycle of Young Gastronomy of Spain", an initiative that aims to bring the Dominican public as representative of the young and contemporary Spanish cuisine.

The "First Cycle of Young Gastronomy of Spain" will take place at the restaurant "The Garden" at the Hotel Ambassador, and will be borne by the renowned Spanish chef Macarena de Castro, owner of the Restaurant "El Jardin" of Mallorca, who received the last year 2011 a Michelin Star in recognition of creativity, quality and care in the preparation of their dishes.

The chef Macarena de Castro, recognized internationally for the reinvention of the most popular dishes of Spanish cuisine, exudes enthusiasm, intuition and technique in your kitchen, creating new harmonious to the palate.

During the days indicated, the chef will Macarena de Castro, in a reduced format and exclusive tasting menus at lunch and dinner session, seasoned with the best Spanish wines. more


USAID launches new program Empowerment for sustainable tourism

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) launched its new Sustainable Tourism Empowerment which is to promote and support the development and implementation of sustainable tourism initiatives and community in the Dominican Republic, through the strengthening of tourism clusters and CDCT.

The program will be implemented by the Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium (CDCT).

To implement
this program the amount of the USAID grant is RD $ 94 million (U.S. $ 2.4 million) plus a compensation of 5% of CDCT and clusters.

program will have a period of 24 months.

The principles governing the implementation of the program consider the empowerment of Dominican tourism clusters in the design and implementation of sustainable tourism projects, strengthening the commitment of actors from the public-private partnerships to assume ownership of local initiatives clusters and the promotion of tourism competitiveness. more


Extreme Adventure and Ecological Park at Samaná

The Pirate Adventure Park offers as attraction the Zip-Line, which is an extreme adventure trip unforgettable where adrenaline really gets tested.

Located in section Valley in Santa Barbara de Samaná, a place where you can observe nature in a landscape of virgin rainforest.

The tour, organized by "Mi Tierra Verde" starts with the transfer in a safari truck, traveling on a bumpy dirt road, past the dam the river San Juan and Committing to reach the Rancheta, along with a cottage of area, where guests receive a tasting of chocolate and organic coffee and a shot of a well-seasoned damajuana.

The excitement begins at the time the Zip-Line guides begin to put all the regulatory team to each of the hikers and explain the steps to start the tour.

Dual ARnet, helmets ... the adrenaline starts to take effect, sweats and curl up to see the distance from the first jump.

Wait and be coupled to "line up" on the steel cable and so it's time to free your body, to experience the sensation of flying, fly from platform to platform and enjoy the air with a privileged view of the lush, ancestral and tropical mountain.

Pirate Adventure, Zip-Line is composed of 12 platforms connected by steel cables 3 a total of 7,400 feet of cable, which support 13, a thousand pounds each, where adventurers will slide out from the first platform inspired by a pirate ship at a distance of 1,000 feet of the second platform at a height of over 400 feet.

Pirouette, screaming in excitement or simply distract the eye at an angle of 360 degrees around, discovering the most lush rainforest which rises in the heart of the mountains.

The guides attend each phase of this adventure with maximum safety for the customer to enjoy the zip-line.

At each station can enjoy the lush forest environment and natural, between the sound of birds and the magnificent Cascade hop Lulu.

After crossing
several times the river San Juan, arrived at the station 12, located next to a centuries-old Ceiba tree.

since there is a walk between triíllos that lead us to give a refreshing swim in the waters of the river San Juan and take advantage of the spectacular Lulu
waterfall .

At the end of the excursion above the trees, tropical juices will be served and will have adequate time to buy the memories of this unique and special adventure.

Then the tour takes us to see the beach of El Valle, located in an enclosed bay surrounded by lush vegetation where the river San Juan and an underground stream with cold water gives a striking clash between the warm coastal waters where you can enjoy a delicious fried fish or coconut. more