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Port of Santo Domingo cruise season begins

With the arrival of the distinguished ship The Oceanic, owned by the NGO Peace Boat "the Port of Santo Domingo opened formally last 27 days the beginning of the 2011-2012 cruise season.

The ship, 17.272 tons, comes from Norway, intends to visit more than 20 countries. It remained in Dominican waters about 15 hours, while its 900 passengers took the opportunity to visit the tourist area and purchase items and native crafts.

As a style tradition, when a ship up for the first time a nation's port, the captain is given a plaque and the keys to the city in a symbolic act that this time was headed by the Director of Operations port of Santo Domingo, Amaury Romero.

"Year after year Puerto Sans Souci has been raising the guarantee of quality and safety standards for vessels and cruise passengers arriving in the city of America, using as a gateway to Puerto Santo Domingo," said Romero.

Victor Macarrulla of the Board of Directors of the Port of Santo Domingo, stressed the importance of industry development for the national economy. more

Direct Flights from Paris to Puerto Plata

The first working sessions attended by official representatives of the Dominican delegation at the International Tourism in France, Top Resa, resulted in the announcement of a weekly direct flight from Paris to Puerto Plata and important decisions to make in the winter tourist arrivals from this country to reach the 150 thousand visitors.

The announcement was made deputy minister of tourism, Fausto Fernandez, who heads the delegation representing the Dominican Republic Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier Garcia, the fair that takes place throughout the week.

"On this first day of work, significant agreements that guarantee that the Dominican Republic remains the favorite destination for the French long distance," said Fernandez.

Fernandez reported that progress was made in agreement with the carrier Karabel - Promovacances to start in the winter a direct flight Paris - Puerto Plata, this destination to remain one of the most important and which has been working to recover.

"In the coming weeks to complete the details needed to finalize an agreement with Karabel-Promovacances, which in December started a weekly flight from Paris to Puerto Plata, to ensure that this province continues to recover as a tourist destination," says the deputy minister.

During a meeting with journalists covering one of the most significant events in the travel and leisure sector, Fausto Fernandez said that the tour operator Nouvelles Frontieres will increase its operations in the Dominican Republic, following the announcement of the renewal of a hotel that manages Punta Cana which plans to double the number of tourists who lead the country in winter from 20 thousand to 40 thousand.

Tour operators association CETO, expressed the confidence of its members in the Dominican Republic as a destination, which it considers has a privileged position for the French tourists.(Dominican Ministry of Tourism) more


Hilton Hotel helped cleaning dominican beaches

The Hilton Santo Domingo Hotel joined the "International Day Clean Beaches and Coasts" held recently by the formation of a committee of crew members who joined actively and enthusiastically to this important event.

In this activity, team members collected over 150 bags of trash and debris from the beach Guibia Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional. Among the principal were primarily collected waste plastics and glass.

This initiative seeks not only to maintain clean beaches and coasts, but the public awareness about the need to help keep free of pollutants on the marine environment. This is an annual event that takes place in 123 countries in September to collect garbage and solid waste from the beaches and coasts. more


Perelló Cultural Center Opens in Baní

President Leonel Fernandez inaugurated yesterday Perelló Cultural Center, an institution sponsored by the Foundation Banilejas Perelló and Industry, headed by businessman Rafael Perelló Abreu.

The president congratulated the Perelló Family by the construction of Cultural Center, because he felt played an important role in promoting culture in Peravia province, southern and country.

"Since I got here today (yesterday) by the First Lady was impressed by what this building and all that is the goal you have with the construction of this cultural center," explained the governor.

Fernandez told that as a child " I always crossed Maximo Gomez Avenue and I saw what's Café Induban was about".

"I have a special personal reason to see this work as a crystallization of a company that wants to make fundamental contributions to the development of the Dominican Republic," he added.

Meanwhile, businessman Rafael Perelló Abreu, said the central words of the opening ceremony of the Center, located in Escondido section of Bani, recalled that the work was a dream of the founder of Induban, Manuel de Jesus Perelló, which was consummated after many efforts and contributions of different institutions.

He argued that the Cultural Center will have special links with the cultural expressions of Bani, a town he described as a city that has a significant historical heritage and a host of major intellectuals.

The new cultural institution has a construction area of ​​2.290 meters square, located on a plot of 10,200 square meters.

It has an auditorium, exhibition hall, media center, two multipurpose rooms, cafeteria, outdoor terrace, gardens, parking and administrative areas.

The engineer Jaime Augusto Batlle, who was in charge of the work, informed the audience of Jesus Manuel Perelló has sloping floor and reclining seats with capacity for 150 people and is equipped with latest multimedia equipment and ideal acoustic conditions.

The media library has bibliographic query area, reading tables, digital consultation area with 32 booths equipped with computers with access to libraries and documentation centers of cultural and educational institutions.

He said the showroom is 215 square meters and is a flexible space for temporary exhibitions.

The two multipurpose rooms can accommodate 60 people and teaching. more

Charter flights from the U.S. to Dominican Republic increased 30%

Following a meeting with Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier Garcia, the leading tour operator from the United States, Apple Vacation, announced a 30% increase in charter flights from North America to the Dominican Republic, which represent a notable increase in visits from American tourists to the country.

Tim Mullen, senior vice president of Apple Vacation, said that next year the United States charter flights that tour operator that will handle 21 to 32 flights a week, which shows the confidence of the U.S. market in the DR.

"We held a meeting with the minister where we review the progress we have made in 2011 and discussed the future plans of the Dominican Republic and the United States where we have new flights planned for 2012," said Mullen.

He expressed full confidence in the DR, while recognizing the management and collaboration of Francisco Javier Garcia at the Ministry of Tourism, in the strengthening of the tourist resorts.

"In 2011 we have been operating 21 flights weekly, with the support of the Ministry we will climb to 32, in addition to the guaranteed 120 seats in the Apple Vacation Jet Blue flight opens Nov. 16 at La Romana," the vice president Tour Operator.

During the meeting they identified the promotion plans for the winter 2011 - 2012 and announced that Francisco Javier Garcia asked the tour operator specific support for the fate of Puerto Plata, and immediately pledged to replace the charter flights province.

Apple Vacation moves more than a million tourists annually with a total of 850 flights a year to Punta Cana from 11 North American cities, beginning in 2012 will add three cities more for a total of fourteen, in Boston which are: Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Milwaukee and Baltimore. more


Dominican Republic in search of asian and south american tourists

The former president of the Central Bank of Argentina, Domingo Cavallo, said Friday that "Dominican Republic should not continue to focus its tourism promotion in the U.S. and Europe due to the economic crisis facing these traditional markets and instead must go to new markets such as South America and Asia. "

Also, Cavallo said that South America, despite the recession in the U.S. and Europe, is being benefited by the high raw material prices, which is related to the sustained growth that Asian countries have experienced.

"What I notice is that the traditional markets of the Dominican Republic that is the United States and Europe are in the midst of a recession and at least going to be stagnant for several years, so I feel strongly that this country seeks new markets and especially for service activities such as tourism, "he said.

Cavallo, who was also Argentina's economy minister, said the economic growth of China and other Asian countries has a significant benefit to the economies of Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Argentina, which has become a greater purchasing power to the South Americans, who, I believe, should be replacing U.S. and European consumers, who have more economic difficulties.

The former Argentine official said that would be difficult for U.S. and European growth recover quickly, so he think that the Dominican Republic needs to be addressed to both promotions to Asia, and South America, a regional provider of goods through natural resources which are abundant in the area.

he more


New trends in world tourism

The tourism industry in the context of global scenario is impacted by a new reality and trend dictated by the market and not compete for price but for the value and that value will be determined by the information the consumer has.

Being the cheapest may be the last resort of those who can not differentiate a product and tell a better story.

This is the analysis of argentine Victor Pizarro, an expert on Internet technologies applied to tourism, during a talk he gave on "Marketing of tourism, new approaches and paradigms that are applied to the tourism of scale" in the context of the eleventh version of Monday Marketing, initiative and professional gatherings in the world of marketing executives and businesses from a particular subject is called on a Monday under the umbrella of the consulting firm and marketing agencies, Zurita & Associates.

Pizarro said the change of behavior is linked to new tourists that currently already have in your hand and have all the information flowing through the network, having the ability to manage their own tour package, change his opinion has altered, including the cycle of traditional consumption of a tourism product.

"This is no one single destination or a story that defines it, as so many travelers visit, so each guest has its own history." more


Dominican Republic open more flights to Germany, Austria and Switzerland

The Dominican Ministry of Tourism announced today that from next November will increase the number of weekly flights from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to the local airports of La Romana and Punta Cana (east) and Puerto Plata (north).

One of the first flights to Dominican territory is the Vienna-Punta Cana, the Condor line, which goes on every Wednesday in a plane for 270 passengers, said the local Ministry of Tourism in a statement.

"Importantly, this is the first Condor flight departing from another country other than its axis in the city of Frankfurt, Germany. This is often the only direct connection from Austria to the Dominican Republic, for what is expected a good surge in arrivals from Austria the country" added the official part.

For the launch and promotion of this new flight will be organized a campaign with major Austrian tour operators Thomas Cook, Neckermann Reisen, FTI Touristik, Gulet Touristik, the airline Condor and local representation.

While from Switzerland was announced, in addition to the weekly Thursday flight Zurich-Puerto Plata, a direct trip from the city of Basel-Mulhouse Sunday to Punta Cana with the Transavia Airlines, starting on Sunday November 6, added the Dominican Ministry of Tourism. more