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Aerodom suspends flights because of Storm Irene

Airport Consortium Aerodom Siglo XXI, reported Sunday that four flights were suspended by the passage of tropical storm "Irene" on the Dominican Republic.

Aerodom explained through its website which suspended flights in two of them are for-AILA-American Airlines to Miami, and two airlines Liat-LI traveling to Antigua.

The consortium said that flights suspended are AILA AA 423 and AA 1901, the Liat are LI LI 500 and 501.

American Airlines reported that clients are able to change their tickets to travel on another date at no cost, in the same class of service, subject to availability.

Customers with tickets for travel on American Airlines or American Eagle 21 and August 24, whose ticket was issued no later than August 21, can change the date for travel on or before August 27 on flights to, from or through La Romana (LRM) Puerto Plata (POP), Punta Cana (PUJ) Santiago (STI) or Santo Domingo (SDQ) in the Dominican Republic, or San Juan (SJU), Port au Prince (PAP) St. Thomas (STT) St. Croix (STX) and Tortola (EIS). more


Blue Life clean dominican coasts

Blue Life Foundation, Ocean Conservancy representative in the Dominican Republic, reported that next September 17th will be held the cleaning coasts day, which are estimated to cover 50 kilometers of the coast of the Dominican Republic.

The initiative, held for the fourth consecutive time in the country, 20,000 volunteers are expected to join the cause, clearing the coasts, rivers and streams across the country.

annual operating has become the largest voluntary environmental activity in the country.

Blue Life Foundation is a non-profit organization that ensures the protection of the environment and coastal and marine resources.

Globally this day the organization Ocean Conservancy, performing for over 26 years of operation of international coastal cleanup, concerning the International Day Coastal Cleanup.

Mass is also supported by other NGOs leaders in sustainable environmental management through the preservation of water resources.

José Ureña, President of the Fundación Vida Blue, said: "We have high expectations this time, we not only increase the number of volunteers, and collect as much trash and debris, but to make the population a culture of protection of our coasts ". more


Tourists Spent US$ 2,000 millions in Dominican Republic

In the
first half of this year the Dominican Republic received 2,000,955 visitors nonresident or tourists who incurred expenses estimated at U.S. $ 111 daily for an average stay of nine nights, according to the latest report published by the Central Bank on the tourism sector, which represents total income in the period of U.S. $ 1998.9 million.

According to official statistics, this means an increase of 3.7% in the daily expenditure per tourist in the country compared to last year when the average recorded was $ 107 per day.

This amount is added tax revenues in 2010 totaled RD $ 4,910.2 million in taxes out air and land transportation, airport taxes and tourist cards, with the consideration that in the first half of 2011 the Dominican Republic experienced an increase of 4.31% in the reception of foreign tourists compared to the volume in the same period of 2010.

According to the report, the arrival of additional tourist was 82.621 during the first six months of this year is linked to increased 47.69%, which continues to record the flow of passengers coming from South America, by issuing additional 59.705 visitors who have entered the country .

The nations of
the region of increased emission of tourists to the Dominican Republic are Argentina (20.851), Brazil (19.366), Chile (6.076), Colombia (3.307), Venezuela (3.115) and Peru (2.866).

The U.S. market also experienced an increase in sending tourists, with 29.895 of 32.712 visitors to the Dominican Republic from North America.

However, traditional source markets in Europe such as Spain and England major decreases in reported arrival in the country, which were partially offset by increases in visitors from countries like Russia, Germany, Italy and France. more


Statue of Liberty closed for a year

The Statue of Liberty will be close again for one year for renovations, as announced by the Home Secretary, Ken Salarzar, reported in its online edition The New York Times.

The newspaper notes that the New York closing will occur after being closed for renovations for three years after the attack of 11-S to make security improvements claimed by the National Park Service.

The main symbol of the "American Dream" and one of the biggest tourist attractions in the United States requires an investment of 27.25 million dollars for the new security improvements before and after the reform investment worth escape routes 6.7 million dollars.

However, unnamed officials as saying further explained that the reforms can not begin because the projects were not completed or the financing of certain works.

Also pointed out that they do not want the statue remains closed on October 28, the 125th anniversary of its inauguration, it would be closed to the public the next day.

The head of the Park Service Ellis Island and the monument, Vince Swift said that most tourists do not climb inside and said "will live exactly the same experience" as the statue remains closed. more

Santo Domingo launched as a Country Brand

Yesterday it was held a ceremony for launching a project in order to join efforts to develop a unified strategy to project the city of Santo Domingo as a brand.

The activity, held in the Hilton Hotel in this city, was led by President of the Commonwealth and the National District mayor Roberto Salcedo, the Ministers of Tourism, Francisco Javier Garcia and Environment and Natural Resources, Jaime David Fernandez Mirabal and the General coordinator of the Tourism Cluster of Santo Domingo, Freddy Ginebra.

In addition were the mayors of Santo Domingo, Juan de Los Santos, Santo Domingo Norte, Francisco Fernandez and Boca Chica, Daniel Ozuna. In addition, the executive director of the Commonwealth, Onofre Rojas, among others.

As part of the event, Tourism Minister Francisco Javier Garcia said that the launch of a national brand "is a prelude to ensure that we achieve the tourist city we want and need."

While the City Mayor, Roberto Salcedo said that the project "Santo Domingo is a brand" is achieved through working together for over 3 years, the Commonwealth and the Tourism Cluster of Santo Domingo.

While Ginebra, speaking for the Tourism Cluster of Santo Domingo, said the project will unify efforts to promote and make you feel "at home" to all tourists. more


La Palapa By Eden Roc At Cap Cana

Fish and seafood prepared to perfection, lavish gnocchi, sauces created by Chef Riccardo Frigeri from Portofino, Italy.

No wonder that La Palapa
by Eden Roc, located in the Caletón Beach Club, is lauded as one of the best restaurants throughout Punta Cana is an atmosphere of traditional Provencal and Italian specialties.

All this
and stunning views of the Caribbean at all times. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

To enter the restaurant is not required to pay, however to enter the beach area, including a welcome drink the cost is U.S. $ 30.00 (Adults) $ US5.00 (children) and caregivers at no cost. more

Ecotourism routes create jobs in Dominican Republic

Developing the tourism potential of protected areas in the Dominican Republic under the principle of conservation and social participation has drawn the attention of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, in an effort that not only aims to promote a pattern of diversified tourism but to improve living conditions nearby communities.

The work begins with the creation of the "ecotourism routes Maria Trinidad Sanchez, Santo Domingo Oeste and Ozama" presented by the Center for Information and Communication (CICOM) representatives of the hotel industry and tour operators, in order to create a joint promotion strategy involving both state and private sectors concerned.

"These projects aim to create wealth to benefit the surrounding villages through the creation of green jobs, such as the guides and those serving environments protected areas," stressed the minister of Environment, Jaime David Fernandez Mirabal.

In the province of Maria Trinidad Sanchez highlighted the ecological value of wildlife refuge of the great lake or Perucho, Lake Dudu and monuments The Natural Saltadero, Cabo Frances Viejo and Laguna Gri Gri.

The minister highlighted the unique presence of a jump freshwater Breton beach is particularly attractive to tourists.

The ministry has done a rescue of wetlands in the bank of the Ozama that made possible the launch of the Ozama Ecourística Route, which includes tours of the places that make up the lakes, streams and tributaries of the great vein aquifer.

Also was presented the Ecotouristic Route Santo Domingo West that will take visitors through to the park Mirador West where the ruins of the Palace Emgombe, Boca Nigua The mills and Diego Caballero, Lake Aurelio and ecological park Nigua where you can see 54 species of birds and the largest mangrove islands in the Caribbean. more


Dominican Republic will launch religious Tourism

The dominican Ministry of Tourism works to implement the project "The path of faith," which aims at the enhancement of points of interest of the Dominican Republic where significant events have occurred in Catholic religious history of the Dominican Republic.

This was revealed by Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier Garcia,who participated in the commemoration of 500 years of the diocese of Santo Domingo and La Vega, which involved the Cardinal of Seville, Spain, Carlos Amigo Vallejo, who led the activities.

"Religious tourism will contribute much in the family unit, therefore we will support a decisive role in what he has to do with the establishment of a tourism where the parishioners of an area or region can be fully known monuments, traditions the activities in general and we are sure this will contribute to a better society in the Dominican Republic, "said Garcia.

The official reported that he has been working some time in the museum of Padre Fantino, near the Holy Hill, the landmark sculpture of Santa Cruz, which seeks to recall the first cross planted by Christopher Columbus in Santo Cerro and conditioning of the way stations of the cross of the Church of Las Mercedes, which requires an investment of RD $ 50 million. more

Tourists who travel to Dominican Republic are under 35

Most tourists who visit the Dominican Republic by air are between 21 and 35 years old, according to a statistical analysis of tourist recovered by the Hotel and Tourism Association (Asonahores) with Central Bank data.

According to information, the number of visitors belonging to the line has grown 4% over the past two years, while in 2010 the figure reached 709.528 passengers in 2011 increased to 742.583.

Joel Santos, an economist and former president of the Young Entrepreneurs Association (ANJE) and tourism expert, confirmed the trend and said that it responds to the reduction of tariffs that the Dominican market has experienced in recent years.

"We must say that in this group there are two types of young people: that is initiating the family, which is the fastest growing, and that comes with their parents," he said.

He added that thanks to the Internet and its possibilities of information have greatly benefited the first group, especially in summer seasons, although winter has also been growing.

The second most likely age group to visit the country between 36 and 49 years old, a conglomerate whose number is 521.374 and that the date was analyzed minimal growth, increasing by one person.

Third is the segment of people 50 and older, with a total of 476.742 in 2011, followed later by young people 13 to 20 years old, with 164, 825 which had a percentage increase of 8% compared 2010.

All of those are under 12 years had a percentage increase of 16% compared to 2010 and their number was 95.866 this year.

Overall passenger arrivals in the first half of the year was 2 million foreign passengers and Dominican 279.000 non-residents, which represented an increase of 2.7% over the period January to June 2010.

Visitors from South America had a 45% growth.

In 2011 the number of women slightly exceeded that of men, when compared to 1 million 987.478 13.477.

However, economist Joel Santos explained that the distinction is not really noticeable because usually between individual values ​​are very close.

He said that the ladies tend to travel more because of its availability compared with men. more


Dominican Republic a country brand

The tourism in the Caribbean region should be oriented towards a "Caribbean Brand" as destination, which would be helpful and promote regional integration in a context in which the housing is declining competitiveness.

The approach is embodied in the study "The competitiveness of tourism in the Caribbean," the authorship of Bineswaree Bolaky published by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) this week.

"To gain competitiveness, the Caribbean needs to go beyond traditional tourism 'sun and beach' driven by foreign direct investment and use of goods and services locally," he explains.

The author analyzes 32 countries with data base 1995-2006 and territories of the Caribbean Tourism Organization, except for Mexican destinations of Cancun and Cozumel, with the arrival from three countries: Canada, USA. UU. and the UK.

It exposes the author of a tourism-dominated largest Spanish-speaking countries.

Appointment in this context to Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, countries that accumulate between 45% and 50% of the total market overnight stays in the Caribbean.

However, he argues that it is assumed that English-speaking countries have a comparative advantage for British tourists, Canadians and Americans.

The five largest economies in the travel industry and tourism in the region are dominated by Puerto Rico (22.4%), Dominican Republic (12.9%, Cuba (12%), Bahamas (9%) and Jamaica (8.2%), destinations represented almost two thirds of the total market demand.

"The Caribbean is the world region most dependent on tourism, and yet its future growth prospects are less favorable than in other regions such as Asia, for example," he says.

It also indicates that about 60% of Canadians traveling to the Caribbean end up in Cuba or the Dominican Republic, whose dependence is generally low in non-Spanish speaking Caribbean, because they usually have low budgets and low market-oriented cost, which means that Canadians are more price sensitive than Americans and Britons.

Instead, the British travel to the Caribbean are high income and prefer to travel on the English side, especially Barbados. more


JetBlue to Waive Change Fees to customers Affected by Tropical Storm Emily

Due to the forecasted impact of Tropical Storm Emily, JetBlue Airways will waive change fees and fare differences to allow customers booked for travel to or from the Dominican Republic on Wednesday, August 3, 2011, to voluntarily adjust their travel plans.

Customers may rebook for new flights - between the same cities - that depart anytime through Saturday, August 6, 2011, by calling 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583).

Changes must be made prior to the customer's originally scheduled departure.

Eligible cities include:
. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (SDQ)
. Santiago, Dominican Republic (STI)
. Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic (POP)
. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (PUJ)

All customers booked for travel to/from the Dominican Republic are encouraged to check the status of their flight online at prior to leaving for the airport. Customers with web-enabled cell phones and PDAs may check the status of their flight via more