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Best Beaches Worldwide

All continents and many countries have their best beaches, and every region of the planet has some features that distinguish the beaches of others in other regions.

For example, the beaches of France are known for their glamor and the presence of the jet set, the beaches of Brazil for its wildness and natural beauty of the Caribbean for its clear water and warm, the beaches of Mexico for being immersed in Mexican culture or the beaches of Thailand for having unique natural landscapes

As you can see in our Ranking of beaches, we investigated the best beaches in every continent on the planet and we have ranked the best beaches in each of them. No doubt there are several factors that weigh in choosing the best beaches in the world, here
have we highlighted the following:

The beauty: a concept that encompasses the water (clarity, color, temperature, etc.). Sand (type, color); the landscape around the beach (mountains, palm trees, rocks, etc.).. For example, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil, which is undoubtedly one of the best Brazilian beaches, offers an excellent combination of these three concepts.

- Infrastructure: quality hotels, nightlife, flights, etc.. This is an ambiguous concept, as if seeking a desolate beach and quiet, good infrastructure is just that there are no hotels or nightlife.

But in terms of
good infrastructure in the classical sense, the beaches of France, the beaches of Italy and especially the beaches of Spain are noted for their nightlife, glamorous hotels and refinement of its casinos.

The population of the beach: the people who inhabit the beach can make a normal beach becomes one of the best beaches in the world and vice versa. We speak here of sympathy, grace, good manners, and so on. The joy of jaimacans, for example, makes the beaches of Jamaica in a place of constant fun.

- Features: Some beaches in the world are unique and unique items that stand out above the rest. Thus, the beaches of French Polynesia with its very famous bungalows on the Sea, or the beaches of Greece and its architecture ancantilados white on breaking on the beach are unmistakable post when choosing a beach destination in the world.

Can also be classified according to the activity beaches in them has been much development. Thus we also have in relation to clothing or nude beaches topless beaches. Or as the favorite sport of each find beaches for diving, snorkeling beaches, beaches for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

But this is theory, the reality means that when vacationing, there is nothing better than relaxing and enjoying the breeze by the water of a spectacular beach. more


Colonial Zone Train

The Colonial City of Santo Domingo is a World Heritage Site, is a city built along the Ozama River with XVI century buildings and cobblestone streets crossed.

The Colonial City of Santo Domingo kept inside if 500 years of history that the Colonial Chu Chu Train in 45 minutes.

During the tour the Colonial Chu Chu the guests can see the city in a refreshing way to where the stories come to life in a tour that mixes history with the stories of those who once lived there.

From the mysterious owner of the Casa del Tapao, through the beautiful colonial churches, a 45-minute ride through the history of Independence, and a walk down the street from the women participants can imagine the characters of the time as if were there.

A visit to Santo Domingo without a ride on the Colonial Chu Chu is a visit without history.

General info:

16 departures per day, 7 days a week.

Tours of 45 minutes, with departures every hour.

Run Time: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm.

Ability to move 1024 passengers daily.

Audio guide to the different routes in 5 languages​​: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian.

Hostesses and tourist service oriented staff. more


Hard Rock Hotel and Casino at Punta Cana

The famous international hotel chain Hard Rock Cafe has its hotel and casino located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic called Hard Rock Cafe Hotel & Casino.

Hard Rock Cafe Hotel & Casino offers spectacular game at best and largest casino in Punta Cana, exciting nightlife, tantalizing dining options, the most modern meeting facilities and rooms that actually exceeds visitors´s expectations, all enriched by their legendary rock and roll vibe.

This hotel located in Punta Cana includes an amazing experience that offers 15 pools, 9 restaurants, a golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus and an amazing spa, all lovingly cradled by pristine white sand beaches in the Caribbean.

Hard Rock Cafe Hotel & Casino offers the following services:
- Golf Clubs.
- Shops.
-Arcade center.
-Tennis courts.
-Bussiness center.
-Kid´s slide.
-Mini golf.
-Table games.
-Responsible gaming.
-Players club.
-Wedding packages.
-Theme parties.
-Restaurants (Caffeto, Ciao, Ipanema,Isla, Los Gallos, Pizzeto, The Market, etc.)

and much more... more

Time Square in New York

Times Square is a major intersection in Manhattan (New York). Located on the corner of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. The Times Square area is formed by the blocks located between Sixth Avenue and Eighth avenues that form the western part of the central business district of Manhattan.

Formerly known as Longacre Square. It received its present name by the offices of The New York Times, who were on the One Times Square building .

Times Square along with Central Park in New York, United States metropolitan area that has appeared in films and television programs.

The area belonged to John Morin Scott, a general of the militia of New York who served under the command of George Washington.

Its manor house was located in what is now Calle 43, surrounded by fields used for farming and horse breeding. In the first half of the nineteenth century became one of the prize possessions of John Jacob Astor.

In 1904, New York Times, the newspaper's offices moved to a new skyscraper on 42nd Street in Longacre Square. In 1913 he moved back to more spacious offices located in Broadway. The old Times Building was renamed Allied Chemical Building.

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (1994-2002) carried out a great effort to "cleanse" the area, increasing security, eliminating pornographic theaters and drug traffickers.

As a result increased the number of tourist attractions and luxury establishments. Advocates of the remodeling said that the neighborhood had become safer and cleaner. Critics on the other hand, maintained that it had diluted the character of Times Square.

In 1990, the State of New York took possession of six of the nine historic theaters on 42nd Street.

In November 2006, changed the traffic pattern through Times Square, in what is dubbed by the Department of Transportation New York City as the "Times Square Shuffle".

Drivers are forced to make several turns to reach the square. more


Gay Weddings in Dominican Republic?

Gay marriage, in clear violation of the dominican Constitution, have been performing in some of the hotels in the area east of the country, so alarmed at this situation, the Central Electoral Board (JCE) ordered an immediate ban on such illegal unions .

In that sense, the president of the JCE, Roberto Rosario, ordered the National Directorate of Civil Status Registry immediately stop holding weddings on the premises of the hotels belonging to the chain Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado and Cayacoa located in the Provinces of Samana and La Altagracia (Higuey).

According to the president of the JCE, the most recent weddings performed between gay couples happened on 24 May in the hotel restaurant "Cayo Levantado" in presence of about a hundred people, among whom were invited dominicans and foreigners.

It says in the trade that these people were to witness an event which is not necessarily in agreement, as it was "a fact not permitted by Dominican laws".

In a report submitted to the president of the JCE May 26 confirms the version and said that more than half of weddings coordinated to take place in these hotels are not made​​, but also explained the reasons.

"Information obtained in recent days in those hotels, they realize that especially in Cayo Levantado is being held mock weddings and celebrations of marriage, and the situation has worsened since the 24 of May of this year was held marriage between two men, "the report said. more


Dominicans Choose Cruises

Despite its many advantages and the boom that has gained in recent years, cruise tourism has failed to displace other forms of vacationing abroad. Why? For although several cruises play the Dominican coast, none has the country as a port.

"The cruise will become part of the holiday air because you are required to hop on a plane to take the cruise, " says Jochy Mella, president of TravelNet travel agency, which represents five cruise lines.

The need to combine the cruise with a flight "increases costs, " says Mella, but clarifies that clients can lower their rental if they book in advance.

"It depends on how you planifiques" said Mella. "If you buy the last minute cruise may cost you more, but if you take advantage of discounts while shopping. "

To take advantage of early bids, recommend booking up to a year earlier. Some lines have plans that allow customers to recover one hundred percent of their money if they cancel the trip for good cause or up to 70 percent for unjustified reasons.

Factors such as the route of the modern cruise ship also affect the price.

Cruise Holidays Benefits:

-Knowing several destinations in one trip.

-Not having to pack your suitcases.

-A full entertainment program does not lead to boredom.

-Offers entertainment for every family member.

-The same can enjoy family cruising, but also in partner while children participate in the activities prepared for them.

-Share with people from different countries.

-Service quality is monitored not only by the cruise lines, but for magazines.

-Can be combined with land tours to destinations that have no port. more