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Movie Studios Will Be Built in Dominican Republic

Dominican President Leonel Fernandez said Wednesday that if tourism is achieved by associating with the film industry and television production it will transform the international image of the Dominican Republic.

By taking the first piebald for the start of construction of the first movie studios in the Dominican Republic, to be located in Juan Dolio, San Pedro de Macoris, the president said that today are a reality and utopian aspirations of many talented Dominicans for years had tried unsuccessfully to develop the film industry in the country.

He recalled that for more than three decades tourism has been a major source of livelihood for economic development in the Dominican Republic and now the film industy will give greater impetus to this sector.

British Pinewood Studios joined with the Vicini Group for building this movie studios.

It is expected that the country will attract celebrities, which will later be broadcasters the benefits of the Dominican Republic.

The construction of the Pinewood Studios is one of the most important projects within the entertainment industry in Central America and the Caribbean, thus creating a legacy for future generations.

The movie studios will become a source of jobs for residents in San Pedro de Macoris, Guayacanes, Juan Dolio and other communities in the region. more


The Dominican Republic Travel Tips

What to carry in my luggage to the Dominican Republic?

The temperature is always welcome in the country, so cool clothing (algondón and linen) is the most comfortable and appropriate to wear.

Bring a suit if you plan to go out at night, Dominicans dress very well to get out and so requires elegant sites.

For men pants if you are going to make a cultural visit to cathedrals or churches. If you're going to visit some National Parks in the Cordillera Central in your luggage includes warm clothing, hiking boots and a impermeable.

- Santo Domingo and the Dominican Republic are safe places?

Absolutely. It is one of the safest countries in Latin America. The delinquency rate is recorded to tourists is practically nil.

In Santo Domingo, capital should take some precautions in the most crowded, but nothing more normal than you do in your day to day in your city. The number of Police for the whole country is 911.

- Traveling with children is recommended?

Of course, this is a paradise for children and thank you if you have taken them with you to the Dominican Republic.

- Do I need any vaccinations to travel to Dominican Republic?

No, not even recommended. There is no risk of disease or infection in any of the provinces. However we strongly recommend hiring a health insurance before traveling to the Dominican Republic.

Public health does not exist and good private schools tend to be expensive. For any ailment or ill-being during your trip will be covered by your insurance.

Travel agencies now offer very comprehensive insurance to have health coverage also have other coverage such as loss of baggage, theft, etc.

-Women can travel alone to the Dominican Republic?

Without any problem. On the contrary, I feel you can often flattered with praise typical Dominican men and so spontaneous form of seduction.

- Does it work and, is my mobile phone or cell phone from the Dominican Republic?

It depends on your GSM operator and contract you have (check with your operator). All phones "triband" are covered from the Dominican Republic so you can attend to your calls as usual.

There are
some areas in the country where there is coverage, especially in the areas south and west.

It is best to leave your mobile phone or pager at home .... well save you some angry if someone called in a wrong time (time difference).

In some international hotels calls are often very expensive, check prices before calling the operator.

- Do I have to tip in restaurants?

Restaurants usually add 10% directly by the service which then distributed among the staff. If you have received exceptional service or is not included 10% service, it is appropriate to tip.

- Is it safe to drive on the roads of the Dominican Republic?

It is quite safe. Their accident rates are not high and the Dominicans are drivers patients. You must take precautions because some roads are in poor condition.

In cities and towns have to pay attention to the large number of bikes and pedestrians. If you rent a car, check what type of insurance covers your contract.

We always recommend renting a car in the form of Full Inclusive (included) with full insurance.

- How to deal with the taxis?

In the cities of Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata and Santiago there are taxi ranks in the main streets and in all hotels.

Very few are metered so you have to bargain and close on a price before you start.

- Can you travel easily by public transport?

Sure, it is very good and effective among large cities. From either the bus (buses) leave hundreds of buses to all cities and major points of the island.

Purchase tickets at the "Express" make fewer stops and are well equipped with air conditioning and of course always loud music.

There are companies like Metro transport (which also has comfortable buses) that operate between major cities.

The public cars are another cheap way to get around the city and of course the "motoconchos" they are moto-taxis that will transport individuals anywhere

- What airlines fly between cities in Dominican Republic?

Currently Air Santo Domingo is the company that offers more flights between major cities and tourist spots.

- What currency preferably between Euros or US $ Dollars?

If you come from Europe better bring directly in euros. If traveling from Latin America or the United States come with US Dollars.

Exchange houses tend to have better conversion rate than the hotels.
Never change in the Casinos because usually charge a commission and exchange rates really high.

- Can I drink water directly from taps and faucets in the hotel?

No. Never drink water at any hotel or public source. Just drink it bottled. You also have the option to taste the delicious tropical fruit juices.

Mango juice, grapefruit juice (grapefruit), juices from China (a sour orange), guava juice and so on.

- Can I drink or smoke drugs in the Dominican Republic?

Drugs are heavily penalized in the country. There are harsh penalties, including imprisonment for any citizen or tourist who stops carrying or using drugs.

- Can I get married and celebrate my wedding in the Dominican Republic?

Yes you can. The Dominican Republic has become one of the most popular locations for weddings and marriages.

Many popular celebrities have encouraged this initiative.
More information

- What precautions should I take when sunbathing?

If you're going to expose to the sun for some time, carry very high protection creams. Even higher than they normally use.

The sun on the beach is very strong despite the sensation of heat is not very high. If you are someone who all the mosquitoes and other insects bite you, take no lack an insect repellent, especially if you're going to be close to the wetlands in some parks. more


Casa de Campo La Romana Touristic Dock is Certificated

The international tourist dock Casa de Campo in La Romana, was certified for compliance with the protocol for the protection of ships and port facilities, the most important accreditation security that delivers the Dominican Port Authority (APORDOM) to ports that meet satisfactorily with all regulatory requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The pier is located at the mouth of Rio Dulce, La Romana, and was built by the Central Romana Corporation company to contribute to the development of cruise tourism in the east of the country.

Currently active cruise season is from October, to receive each week thousands of tourists visiting the attractive points of the city, the artistic village of Altos de Chavon Casa de Campo, the town of Bayahibe and Catalina islands also and Saona, among other areas. more

Santo Domingo Needs a Convention Center

Santo Domingo is the main city in the Caribbean region and is therefore the center of large transactions, but also international events including the major multinationals.

Although the city of Santo Domingo has a lot of hotels that carry out various business meetings and business tourism has a limited opening in the capital due to the lack of a convention center that has the ability to collect large numbers of people at an event with a regional dimension.

In the capital there are about 48 hotels belonging to the associations of large and small, which in its facilities have rooms that are used to develop business meetings of low magnitudes.

During 2010 4.12 millions entered the Dominican Republic by air, which in absolute terms amounts to 132.240 additional tourists to the year 2009, an increase of 3.31%, exceeding the level of the 4 million tourists who arrived in our territory by the various international airports.

According to Central Bank data on this behavior influenced to a greater extent, the contribution that experienced non-resident aliens, registering a growth in absolute terms from 105.494 tourists, surpassing the fall of 2009.

The Dominicans residents increased their arrival in 26.746 additional people.

During the review period, the country received a total of 4.5 million passengers through the various airport terminals, equivalent to 171.508 additional people, for the year 2009, which in percentage terms represents a growth of 3.88%. more


Routes American in Dominican Republic

The Routes Americas Forum was inaugurated in its fourth edition this time in the Dominican Republic.

This is
an event aimed at planning and development of aviation routes between countries in the region.

This is the first time the event takes place in Caribbean soil and the country will host the airports manager Aerodom, an entity that has the support of institutions like the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC), the Airport Department, the Civil Aviation Board and the Association of Hotels and Restaurants (Asonahores).

David Stroud, vice president of Routes, said the idea of the event is to provide meeting spaces for business actors.

Stroud also stated
that the event's success will be determined by the number of new routes to be created at this time.

He said the most important activities are the meetings between the companies, combined with the other actors have opportunities to do business, such as the cocktail reception and awards ceremony.

event takes place at the Embajador Hotel in Santo Domingo. more


The Royal Princess Cruise

The Royal Princess is an R class cruise ship owned and operated by Princess Cruises. She was built in 2001 by Chantiers de l'Atlantique, St. Nazaire, France for Renaissance Cruises as MS R Eight.

Between 2003 and 2007 she sailed for Swan Hellenic as MS Minerva II, before being transferred to Princess Cruises.

The Royal Princess first set sail with Princess in 2007. As one of the Small Ships of Princess, she is reserved for our most exotic destinations.

The Royal Princess lets passengers enjoy the exotic destinations in a more intimate atmosphere.

ship offers many of the typical characteristics of Princess, as traditional foods and meals of "Personal Choice" (Single Selection), a casino, a variety of bars and lounges, theaters with evening entertainment and shops.

The Royal Princess is also notable for the extensive library, a golf cage Pratica and cookouts on the deck. Over 75% of this ship cabins offer private balconies, and each contains a television, telephone and personal safe.

This are the ports avalaible for this cruise:

# Alexandria, Egypt.
# Athens (Piraeus), Greece.
# Barcelona, Spain.
# Boca da Valeria (Amazon River), Brazil.
# Casablanca (Marrakech), Morocco.
# Corfu, Greece.
# Corsica (Propriano), France.
# Dakar, Senegal.
# Devil's Island, French Guiana.
# Dominica.
# Elba (Portoferraio), Italy.
# Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Italy.
# Fortaleza, Brazil.
# Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
# Gibraltar.
# Istanbul, Turkey.
# Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey
# Manaus, Brazil *
# Marseille (Provence), France.
# Monte Carlo, Monaco.
# Port Said (Cairo/Giza), Egypt.
# Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy.
# Santarem, Brazil.
# Santorini, Greece.
# St. Barthélemy.
# St. Lucia. more

Most Romantic Cities Worldwide

San Valentine's Day is near, you should consider one of the 10 most romantic cities for travelling with your lovely couple:

1 .- Paris, France:

Known as the world's most romantic city, Paris offers unforgettable sites, from a night cruises on the Seine, where you can enjoy an absolutely magical view of the city, a glass of French wine in Montmartre, overlooking the Sacred Heart at dusk.

The Champs Elysées, considered the most beautiful avenue in the world and representative of Parisian life in general, where you can not stop to enjoy a coffee and a croissant.

At night, the lights illuminate the main monuments of this great city, presenting a sophisticated and cosmopolitan spectacle.

Other romantic places are the Gardens of Versailles, the Eiffel Tower or the cobbled streets of the Latin Quarter, among others. In the evening, you should visit the club Le Caveau de la Huchette.

2 .- Venice, Italy:

Unique for its canals, ideal for walking on the bridges, lost in its streets and enjoy a coffee in the Piazza San Marco, regarded by Napoleon as the most beautiful place in Europe, is the picturesque town center.

you will find the Cathedral, the Ducal Palace, the Clock Tower, the building of the Prosecutor and the tower The two Moors. In addition, this large space offers several Italian coffees.

Opt for the traditional Café Florian and enjoy the melodies of an orchestra in the middle square.

Visit the famous bridges like the sighs and takes a gondola ride through the canals, the essence of romance of Venice. Do not forget to stop at a Bacaro for a glass of Chianti in the afternoon.

3. Vienna, Austria:

Capital of music and the waltz, the Vienna of stories and legends, romantic Vienna and the Vienna forest postwar thought.

It is a city full of charm for those interested in culture and the hopeless romantic.

A dream place framed by narrow medieval streets, plazas and imperial gardens like Schönbrunn Palace and the Hofburg Imperial Palace, where Sissi and Franz Joseph took long walks.

activity miss the tours "fiaker" an open carriage driven by a coachman mustachioed, with a round hat.

, do not stop going to the outskirts of Vienna where you'll find breathtaking scenery, from an almost Hungarian countryside, to alpine mountains, majestic rivers and idyllic lakes. The "Vienna Woods" inspired Johann Strauss to compose his famous waltzes.

4 .- Bali, Indonesia:

Traveling to the paradise island of Bali to get a little romantic getaway is one of the pleasures that are never forgotten, worthy of all the romantic connoisseur.

you can enjoy beautiful, sunny afternoons while enjoying a delicious dinner of lobster and white wine in restaurants along the beach or having a small and romantic boat trip to the temple of Pura Uluwatu to watch a couple of beautiful sunset orange sun down by high cliffs.

Also enjoy
music and customs Kecak, ending with a traditional Balinese style dinner.

5 .- Prague, Czech Republic:

From the Old Town Square, to the Castle District. Streets lined with shops of wooden objects and puppets, musicians on street corners giving the trip a romantic atmosphere, places that recall the history of the city, sunsets from the Charles Bridge ... and dinners by candlelight in small restaurants in Mala Strana.

Prague becomes yours when you live and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

From the Charles Bridge at night, the lights of the boats, ghostly statues and the Royal Palace in the distance, provide an interesting spectacle that arouses feelings.

Attending the theater, the "Don Giovanni" Opera, made with puppets, it is also unforgettable.

Nothing is more charming than a "castle" on a hill and Prague has just that. Spend a day touring the Prague Castle and Old Town Square again to not miss the chime of an astronomical clock 600 years old.

6 .- Barcelona, Spain:

Woody Allen sees it as a character and states that "a city full of visual beauty, endowed with a romantic sensibility.

The fantastic and intricate architecture of Gaudí, watered by Barcelona, is incomparable. The perfect example is the huge and still unfinished church of the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's work that job for more than 40 years.

Do not
forget to stroll through the unique shops and cafes of Las Ramblas, one of the most famous streets and lively Barcelona. You go to a flamenco show, opted for Cordoba Flamenco Show.

7 .- Cartagena de Indias, Colombia:

This walled city of rich history, varied and fascinating tours malls immerses you in the era of pirates and privateers, besides the excellent hotel offers a choice between sleeping in a restored eighteenth-century convent, or staying in bungalows of Pirate Island, very comfortable.

In the city there are horse-drawn carriages, which can be rented for a romantic tour of the old city.

fortress of San Felipe, the fishing village of La Boquilla, Rosario Islands and the surrounding beaches, are a broad spectrum of activities to do in the footsteps of Nobel Prize for Literature, Gabriel García Márquez, a true love of this city.

You can
not let you close the night in the lookout tower of the old Still Life of Candelaria, along with the melodies of the piano and under colonial lanterns

8 .- New York, United States:

The capital of the world, characterized not only by the skyscrapers, fine restaurants, hotels, theaters, museums, shops and architecture, but for providing magical places as a ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty and romantic walks on the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk.

You should not
miss the famous and picturesque neighborhoods Chinatown, Little Italy, Soho and Greenwich Village. In the northern part of the city, is the famous Central Park, which combines beautiful landscapes of trees and gardens with a remarkable variety of recreational spots like the zoo, theater, ice skating rinks, ponds and lakes miniature yachts to paddle.

You do not have
to stop and take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and stop at "Grimaldi" to taste a famous New York pizza.

9 .- Rome, Italy:

It is a magical city that invites you to make a wish at the Trevi Fountain, Piazza to eat in Spain, to know the Pantheon, St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel.

things you can not stop doing in Rome, if you want to feel the romantic, are eating a chocolate truffle at Tre Scalini, a dinner on the terrace of the Hotel Eden or the Hassler Hotel and take a morning coffee in a table on the sidewalk of a cafe, while Rome begins its nightlife.

10 .- San Francisco, California:

San Francisco is one of the most romantic cities in the U.S. west coast. Known by many as The Bay, offers spectacular sunsets, and wonderful views and great places to spend a romantic evening.

Nob Hill number one, the bar-restaurant Top of the Mark has been a meeting place for couples since 1939. The fans should not miss a walk through the halls of the Palace of Fine Arts.

These ruins have been the scene of countless marriage proposals, weddings and moments of peace and tranquility. Take a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, the better partner. more