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Airport Security Will be Audited

The National Civil Aviation Committee (CONASAC) will meet to the audit and evaluation be conducted by the Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the system of the Dominican Civil Aviation security next month.

The evaluation aims to establish whether the country meets the standards set by the agency in civil aviation security.

The audit which assesses the aviation security system in the Dominican Republic will be from 7 to 14 February, underUniversal Security Audit USAP Civil Aviation of ICAO.

With this visit the organization to regulate international civil aviation seeks to establish whether the Dominican Republic is complying with all regulations at Annex 17 universal agreement on security of international civil aviation.

The program was established after the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States against the Twin Towers in which commercial passenger planes were used as missiles to knock down buildings. more


10 Rarest Hotels Worldwide

1. To eat like in jail: THE JAIL

This restaurant in the city of Taipei, the tables are surrounded by fences and the dishes are served in these bowls flat as those used by prisoners to urinate.

guests even enjoy being abused by the waiters, dressed in prison guard, who from time to release a cavalier fustazo to restore order.

2. To eat in the bathroom: THE MARTON

Another crazy restaurant from Taipei. The Marton is set as a bathroom, with urinals, toilets. The bathtub-shaped tables and people eating sesienta in toilets. Clearly, this is not a place for a first date.

3. To eat underwater: ITHA

Whoever has the privilege of traveling to the Maldives should know this restaurant in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Located four and a half meters below the surface of the sea between coral reefs, the submarine has room for 14 people who eat under the watchful eye of fish, sharks, octopus and lobsters.

marine animals which are then served to the plate accompanied by dips and salads and an average price of $ 120 per place setting.

4. To eat like a hospital: THE CLINIC

This restobar of Singapore is distributed in different rooms with tables like the ones used in operating rooms and wheelchairs instead of standard chairs. You can dine-shaped surgical pans and drinking kidney specimens. The local cuisine of this play is modeled on an operating room and the chef dressed as a surgeon. In keeping with the theme, when you have the bill ... they operate you.

5. To dine in linings: CABBAGE AND CONDOMS

If you go to Thailand and Bangkok will pass by, do not miss this remnant where the decorative element par excellence is our great friend the condom. A very cool space, with dim lights and multicolored condoms of different sizes from all sides.

As much as it may seem a frivolous idea is a very serious project of the Association for Population Development in Thailand, aimed at birth control and the fight against AIDS in this country.

6. For lunch and the food you fall ill: HEART ATTACK GRILL

A restaurant for the heart attack, literally. If you're tired of the light meal, go to Chandler, Arizona and PEDIT one of the burgers in this place whose slogan is "on the taste worth dying for" and where the waitresses are dressed as nurses hot. The Patys (called by-pass burgers) are fried in pork fat and get to have up to 8000 calories. If you weigh over 150 kilos, eat free. And if you ask of a quadruple by-pass (four Patys) and I will finish, will take you to your car in a wheelchair (seriously).

7. To eat in the clouds. DINNER IN THE SKY.

This proposal was born in Brussels, Belgium, and now has branches in 12 world cities (Barcelona, New York and even Santiago, Chile, among others). It is a platform that is raised by a crane 50 meters in height. Has capacity for 30 guests. For people who do not suffer from vertigo. It costs 150 euros per person.

8. To eat like a graveyard: VAMPIRE CAFE

In Tokyo, Japan, this restaurant scary. It is characterized by being painted red and be adorned by dozens of skulls. The food, even served on small coffins. Really nasty, is preferred by young darks. All food is served half-cooked, or that the meat come to the table well red. Just for vampire lovers.

9. To eat like a church: Christon

Another Japanese perlite, which is also located in Tokyo, where the cult of bizarre has no bounds. This restaurant recreates the aesthetics of a Catholic church, with altars, stained glass and religious figures everywhere. The camarares are dressed as virgins and young men as priests.

10. The more impersonal: Baggers

In Germany. It is the first restaurant in the world without waiters. Customers have a touch screen at each table to order, pay by credit card through Posnet that is also located on the table and minutes later the food arrives automatically via a mechanism that transports the plates directly from the kitchen. Is in Nuremberg. more

Eating Sushi Naked is a trend worldwide

There is a way to serve sushi that is gaining ground in the world and combines all the pleasures of the flesh: the nyotaimori, a service format where the tray is the body of a beautiful and sensual lady.

In London, Los Angeles, New York and Paris, more and more places serve the finest pieces of Japanese food on a naked body, only covered the private parts, using it as a real human tray so that every bite comes at 36 , 5 º C, the ideal temperature to concentrate on the texture and flavor. The ritual forbidden to speak, touch or rub against women in service.

From Europe to America, Japan nyotaimori-which literally means tray woman went around the globe and also reached Latin America.

In Buenos Aires, for example, there is already has a facility that offers this option. The place is called L'Averno and is in the central Avenida Corrientes. There have been replaced by the Nipponese geisha cute and mushy Argentine girls.

Unsurprisingly, this practice is no less controversial. Abound on the net post denouncing the degradation of women to a tray, a mere sexual object to the decorative and you are required to excellence and temperature.

Or those others, stating that it is a severe case of discrimination against gender. In response, Nantaimori was immediate: with that name is known to the same practice, but served on a man, as for the girls also have their fetish. more


The Caribbean is the most Popular Destination since 2008

Caribbean has begun to lure back tourists in quantities not seen since the beginning of the global economic crisis, and several of its islands established brands, said on Friday government officials.

Over 23 million tourists visited the region in 2010, almost 5% increase to 22.1 million did so last year, according to the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

The tiny island of Anguilla and St. Lucia in the eastern Caribbean, attracts many tourists from Canada and the United States and achieved double-digit increases.

St. Eustatius, an island that previously formed part of the Netherlands Antilles, was a sharp increase in European visitors.

The Dominican Republic for the first time improved his mark of 4 million visitors, according to the Ministry of Tourism.

Meanwhile, the Bahamas and Jamaica were among the most visited 8 countries last year, analysts highlighted in a recent quarterly survey.

The Caribbean was also the second favorite destination last year after the United States, the report said.

average budget per trip last year increased by almost 20% to over $ 5,600, the highest since January 2009.

Although the Bahamas received a record number of visitors - more than five million - the money spent is not even close to what was spent by tourists in 2008 before the economic crisis.

This happened last year despite the fact that 70% of passengers embarked to a single destination: the Bahamas.

The arrival of cruise ships also increased in other places, 50% on the French island of Martinique, 20% in Bermuda and almost 18% in the United States. more

Dominican Tourism Improved During 2010

Dominican Republic's tourism sector recorded in 2010 one of its best years, although employers in that industry feared the negative impact of financial crisis and the cholera epidemic.

The Dominican Central Bank report released Friday detailed the number of visitors increased in 2010 by 3.31% over the previous year and reached a record high of 4,124,547 tourists.

According to Tourism Ministry statistics, the line never exceeded four million. The increase in tourists during 2010 continued even in December, although international flights were canceled because of snow in Europe and the U.S..

In that month, the flow of foreign visitors grew 0.75% over the same period last year, according to the Central Bank report.

Tourist arrivals also increased, despite the unexpected rise in October, the cholera epidemic in neighboring Haiti, where more than 3,800 people have died and 200,000 have been affected.

Although the number of visitors from Europe declined slightly in 2010 due to the financial crisis affecting the continent, the number of tourists from North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico) increased and occupied 54% of the total, said Friday the Central Bank .

The hotels and restaurants association explained that until November, hotel occupancy in the 65,000 rooms across the country had maintained an average of 66.5%, representing an increase of 0.9 percentage points.

The tourism sector, which includes hotels, restaurants and international transport, accounts for about 13% of GDP since the early nineties is the main income of the Dominican economy.

Hotels and restaurants also were consolidated in 2010 as the major generator of foreign exchange remittances to surpass that this year only reached about 3,000 million dollars. In addition to the recovery of the flow of passengers, the tourism minister, Francisco Javier García, announced at the end of the approval of 34 new tourism projects with private investment of 3.451 million dollars. more


Ten Best Tech Hotels Worldwide

The rooms range from audio equipment that connect to personal music collection brings the guest into your iPod to virtual golf simulators. Do you know?

1. Helix Hotel, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:

The first in the list, still unfinished. Reached that place of honor because in addition to its modern architecture and interior spiral, green technology also promises to save energy.

The extract from the wind and the sun outer panels and turbines. The temperature and humidity of its 208 rooms will be regulated through an indoor waterfall. A sliding glass wall opens from time to time to let the sea breeze.

2. Sax Hotel, Chicago, USA:

Its rooms have widescreen LCD, Wi-Fi and on the sixth floor, a room with large sofas to be installed to play Guitar Hero or Rock Band without paying a dime. Each guest, upon registration, receives a notebook and MP3 player to use during their stay.

3. 1000 Hotel, Seattle, USA:

Amazing design, with exposed pipes where the water comes from the ceiling and fall into the tub. They boast of having an electronic bell that the maid press before entering the room. Infrared light scanned the room and, if they detect someone, tell the maid not to enter. And to have a virtual golf to play.

4. The Peninsula Hotel, Tokyo, Japan:

They have
an electronic service department in the hotel. Rooms have Internet radios that let visitors hear more than 3 000 stations, ambient light panel controlled and a cordless phone that connects to Skype. And even has a nail polish dryer.

5. Blow Up Hall, Poznan, Poland:

A video installation
is part of the design of the hotel. When the guest gets a foot in the lobby becomes part of a great work of art itself with the 2 000 400 small images that capture tiny cameras in the lobby and hallways.

numbers for the rooms and even keys: Each guest will spend an iPhone to enter your room, call the concierge or surf the net.

6. The Upper House, Hong Kong:

paper is used. All guests are equipped with an iPod Touch preloaded with games, music and all the information you need to know the hotel and its surroundings. They have free broadband access, even in the car park (a Lexus RX450 hybrid.)

7. Mama Shelter, Paris, France:

This hotel has
a 24-inch iMac in every room, which serves as a digital entertainment center. Has Wi-Fi and microwave ovens.

8. Montage Beverly Hills:

The bathrooms mirrors do not fog. It is also one of the first hotels certified energy efficiency.

9. Element Hotels in the U.S:

Your energy efficient lighting; your shower water. All its rooms have a fully equipped kitchen and guests receive when signing up, a Nintendo DS with a game to learn to cook.

10. Pod Hotel, New York, USA:

Aim for the
young traveler. Is a community that gathers around your blog and allows guests to interact. Meets the technology needs of its hosted with Wi-Fi, flat screens and special speakers for the iPod. more