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José Armando Bermúdez National Park

Jose Armando Bermudez National Park is located in the Dominican Republic, specifically in the northern slopes and in the central part of the Cordillera Central, between geographical coordinates 19 ° 17 '- 18 ° 52' north latitude and 71 ° 27 '- 70 ° 46 'west longitude, that is its location together with the National Park José del Carmen Ramírez, with an area of 766 km ², the territory is protected by Law No.4389 of 19 February 1956, published in the Official Gazette No.97954 5 March of that year.

It is a very high temperature is too low for most of the year (between 10 and 18 degrees). Is there a strong pine wood, ebony, mahogany and other highly prized wood and ferns grow larger than normal.

The existence of this National Park which has an area of 767 square kilometers, has helped to slow the deterioration of forests in the Cordillera Central and also to preserve its biodiversity.

This is one of the best preserved areas of the country. Here we can see countless species of plants and countless examples of animals thought to be extinct on the island.

Besides the beautiful weather by the height at which it is located, is always comforting.

The fauna includes a very special, with some species in danger of extinction as

* The Jutía,
* The Cimarron Pork

Among the birds that inhabit the park are:

* The Raven
* The Canary Islands
* Papagayo
* European Goldfinch
* Paloma Turkish
* The swift,
* The Parrot and other more common, like the nightingale, Madam saga, carpenter, etc.

The fauna consists mainly of birds, mammals and reptiles:

a. Avifauna. Among the species of birds inhabit the park are parakeets, canaries, crows, the cigua palm tree (the national bird), parrots, partridges, hawks, crows, hawk and dove.

b. Mammalian fauna. In the group of mammals found the guinea pig, the wild pig, ferret and mouse.

c. Herpetofauna. Within the group of reptiles found the snake in the bottom savanna forest.

The flora is mainly composed of coniferous, dominated by Pinus occidentalis Cuaba or pine, the juniper, almond, white cigua, cedar, guarana, walnut, the penda, yagrumo, coating, El Copey Grigri, among others.

Ferns of the park, as well as in the Armando Bermudez, grow taller than normal.


Armando Bermudez National

• Report to the ranger and monitor its permit or ticket.

• The guard is the highest authority within the protected area;

Always follow your instructions and suggestions.

• It should facilitate the monitoring of their luggage to rangers.

• Read the instructions and rules along the route and stations.

• To visit the park is required to use needles authorized by the national park management.

• may not leave or enter any materials or plant or animal species.

• Do not cut, tear, carve or paint the plants, no signs or walls of the booths. Nor can capture or hunt any animal species, or collect or destroy eggs or nests of birds and reptiles.

• Absolutely no firearms, and alcohol intake, use of power plants and radio, except the portable cassette player.

• Only light fires in the areas provided for that purpose by the national park management, and should control the use of materials that can cause fires. By leaving the area, make sure the fire is properly extinguished.

• Camp only in areas identified by the National Parks.

• Do NOT leave the mules in the campground.

• Read and follow the directions for use kitchens and bathrooms.

• No bathing nude (a) in rivers.




Cause any noise that may scare or frighten the fauna of the area.


Cut, scratch, mark or cause any damage or deterioration to the tree houses, rocks or any object, equipment or property.


Remove any species of fauna or flora, except for scientific purposes authorized by the DNP.


Enter any species of flora or fauna.


Throwing any type of waste (garbage, plastics, paper, boxes, etc.)..


Providing food or drink cough animals.


Trying to scare, by any kind of procedure (sound or noise), any species of fauna.


Firearms, machetes, spears or any other instrument that can be used for hunting, except for guards and goggles.


Make a fire outside of designated areas. Check with rangers or glasses.


Drinking alcohol, drugs and any type of substance punishable by law.


Smoking in wooded areas or in caves. Only be permitted in areas designated by the DNP. Ask your guide or ranger.


Leaving the trails established by the DNP.


Cause any pollution.


Enter radios to the area, except earphones (walkman).

What to bring Armando Bermudez National Park?

If you visit Armando Bermudez National Park, remember to take the following equipment:

1 Coat Lockers

1 sweatpants

6 to 8 pairs of socks

1 to 2 Shorts

Pair of Flops

Plastic Cups

Toothbrush and paste

Plastic Bags

1 Pair of Gloves

1 Backpack

Chocolate, Sweets

Focus with Battery


Plastic Cutlery

1 Sleeping bag

1 Swimsuit

1 Towel

Lip Balm

1 Cut Nails


Pair of Boots

Extra shoes

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