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The La Romana - Bayahibe destination boasts numerous unique attractions that make it one of the most privileged tourist areas in the Dominican Republic.

The destination’s sustainable management and wealth of tourism offers have gained the area national, regional and international recognition, affirmed Luis Rodriguez, President of the La Romana – Bayahibe Hotel Association (AHRB) during the launch of the website in DATE 2010.

The web page will serve as a tool for promotions and contact information providing interested travelers a virtual means by which to explore services, attractions and special opportunities in the area, in addition to information about the historical, cultural and tourism sites in the destination, real estate projects and periodic events and activities.

Users will find a diversity of options to make their vacation an unforgettable experience with a distinctively Dominican flavor by accessing the region’s best options for accommodations, gastronomy, diving, golf and excursions, everything at the touch of a click.

Web site development is supported by the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank (I.A.D.B.) and institutionally endorsed by La Romana - Bayahibe Tourism Cluster (CTRB), an association of tourism businesses including small and medium sized businesses that operate in the destination.

According to the AHRB President, the idea is to spark interest in the destination so that visitors become aware of the numerous area attractions, stimulating them to participate in artisan exhibitions, visit the islands Saona and Catalina, trek the National Park of the East, enjoy daily life in Bayahibe and witness its spectacular sunsets, visit La Romana, wander through Altos de Chavón with its stores, museums and art galleries, or stay in any one of the world wide renown luxury resorts.

“Through the Explore La Romana website, visitors will be able to appreciate the beauty of the area’s white sand beaches, traverse wild trails, explore the Caribbean Sea coast, discover ancient shipwrecks of great historical value or enjoy a stroll through time in one of regional museum everything without leaving the comfort of home”, expressed Rodriguez.

The page will be available in three languages and provide a social networking platform. In a second phase, the page will allow users to create travel itineraries and make on line bookings.

“Increased awareness of the La Romana Bayahibe destination, the integration of local community and industry, diverse tourist attractions, cultural wealth and natural beauty, mix to pay tribute to the historical roots of this area that today is identified with the distinguishing image of “La Romana: Definitively Dominican”, he concluded.

Visitors to will be able to peruse the ample variety of attractions and tourism activities, all within easy reach of three international airports in the principal cities of Santo Domingo, Punta Cana and La Romana, as well as through organized guided tours by Tropical Tours.

Within the numerous attractions:
- Altos de Chavón / Recreation of a Mediterranean town of century XVI.
- Chavón River.
- Golf course “Tooth of Dog” in Casa de Campo.
- Local coastal towns of Bayahibe & Boca de Yuma.
- Museum House of Ponce of Leon.
- Casino Diamante Dominicus Bayahibe.
- Cave of the Wonders
- Basilica of Higüey.
- Catalina Island.
- Saona island.
- Cave exploration in the National Park of the East, with over 1,000 exampos of rock art and pre-Columbian artifacts dating back from 2000 A.C.
- Captain Kidd Shipwreck
- La Punta Cultural Trail in Bayahibe.
- ‘Padre Nuestro’ Archeological & Ecotouristic Trail.
- Sports and recreational activities.
- Diving and snorkeling.
- Hiking trails in the National Park of the East
- Motorized Tours . more


Wild Animals Tematic Park is the New Dominican Attraction

An Animal Theme Park that builds the National District City Council (DNA) at the confluence of the avenues Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Los Proceres is being visited by tens of people who have described it as a qualified space that allows Dominicans share with the whole family.

While others, although the work as a positive value, consider that the National District City Council (DNA) should invest in higher priority work.

Even unfinished, the park is visited especially at night, in which influence has aroused the curiosity construction.

In each island or display of masonry of the park giant-size display two elephants, a gorilla, a spider, a tortle, a giraffe, an eagle and a crocodile.
The park will be opened in the coming days, as announced by the mayor Roberto Salcedo.

Mayor Roberto Salcedo explained that the figures of animals that give meaning to the theme park were built in the workshops of the DNA, thereby substantially reducing costs, which were around 11 million pesos.

The animals have a metal skeleton and fiberglass coating.

" We are creating a green structure and me particularly I think it's wonderful that we have concentrated on environmental policy towards the city of Santo Domingo, which is why the fruit of American Capital Cities Union said in Santo Domingo as City Environmental Iberoamericana " Salcedo said.

This park, built on a land for which recovery was brought to justice Mayor Roberto Salcedo, but won the case, has nine islands over an area of 6,700 square meters.

It has 27 poles with two lights each, 85 banks and 90 metal bollards or barriers prevent drivers of vehicles occupying the area for pedestrians and / or visitors to the park.

The stamped concrete area is 2,500 square feet, plus four thousand square meters of green area.

Each of these animals was placed in its own habitat, so that children and adults can relate to their environment, such as living in the forest, lakes and mountains.

These figures are planted ivy, which eventually will cover all structures to make them look more realistic and more closely tied to nature and the environment in developing their own lives in the natural world.

Members of the Municipal Police Theme Park monitored 24 hours a day. The idea of its construction came from the mayor Roberto Salcedo, who understood the need for a space that combine education with recreation.

Thus, children will also have a recreation area with a park Canquiña type, given that education and fun must go hand in hand. more


Copa Airlines Will Open Flights to Punta Cana

Copa Airlines will open in mid-June next its second frequency of flights to and from Punta Cana airport, which will be seven daily trips to the airline in connection with the main terminals of the country.

With the new route will increase to 45 the number of weekly flights will have the company in the Dominican Republic.

The opening of the route is done at a time when Copa Airlines is undergoing a consolidation process, focusing mainly on routes to increase frecuecnais. In this regard, the commercial director said in June also will open a second route from Panama to Los Angeles, United States, and thanks to agreements made in 2009, with investments exceeding U.S. $ 1,000 million, the airline received this year nine new aircraft and is expecting more.

Other strategies will continue on improving the connections, so that passengers are several alternative ways to reach your destination in case of getting stuck in any airport.

It also provides logistics services to organizations operating in other places, especially talks and trade missions.

Studies conducted by Boeing indicate that over the next five years trafficking flights in Latin America will increase by about 8%.

Copa Airlines began operations in parallel to the Dominican Republic beginning in the early 80s, along with destinations like Puerto Rico, Miami and Haiti. more


Israeli Businessmen Will Invest in Pedernales

Israeli investors will build in Monte Cristi a luxury resort project worth around U.S. $ 5,000 million, said Dominican Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier Garcia.

The complex will have 13 hotels and nine luxury casinos, and is expected to invigorate the region.

The official offered the information during the conduct of DATE 2010, which was held in Bavaro, where representatives from the tourism sector also reported that the cancellation of flights from Europe by the ashes of a volcano, have not impacted this sector.

Garcia Fernandez said Pedernales is another province where two tourist towns will be built with funds from investors Canadians, Americans and British.

"The initiatives show that the country, in terms of luxury travel, has surpassed last year's crisis," said the official.

He said the Spanish hotel awaiting the completion of road Samana-Las Terrenas to begin construction of three hotels and several airlines have expressed interest in increasing the number of flights to the area. more


Dominican Hotel Owners Want to Develop all Touristic Destinations

Haydée Kuret de Rainieri

The president of the Association of Hotel and Restaurants (ASONAHORES), Haydee Kuret de Ranieri, said this year one of the main strategies of the sector will grow at the same pace, all tourist centers in the Dominican Republic.

She explained that after the crisis period hoteliers worldwide are facing a more demanding consumer with more choice and who is to present a more attractive package overall.

"Circumstances have changed and that the customer has changed," he said, minutes before the start of 2010 Date tourism fair, held at Moon Palace Hotel in Punta Cana.

ASONAHORES president was concerned about the situation of the tourism industry of Puerto Plata.

And she said the dominican state has invested a lot of money for development, not finished yet rebound.

To solve the problem ASONAHORES´members will coordinate an incentive plan that will drive further Barahona and Pedernales.

In another order, Kuret de Rainieri said measures are deployed in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism for accesing to the Italian market, which once brought about 250 thousand tourists and now less than 100 thousand.

It is the eleventh occasion that marks the Date (Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange, for its acronym in English).

This time with about 100 companies between operators and travel agents together have around 150 people, according to organizers.

There are 12 sponsors of the activity whose main purpose is to gather and bring tour operators and agents to the Dominican Destinations.

"The fair this year is the difference that despite having been a difficult year, operators are in that period does not start out positively," said ASONAHORES´president. more


Playa Nueva Romana (La Romana Real State)

Playa Nueva Romana Golf Marina Residential is a new concept of living in harmony and perfect contact with nature, come and make this your home or place of rest. Villages, apartments and land at your disposal.

This Real state project is located in La Romana, Dominican Republic hosted by Bahia Principe.

Buyers can find Playa Nueva Romana full Residential and one of a kind with private marina, golf course, tennis, polo, horse riding, swimming pools, private beach, center commercial, casino, country club, beach club, 24 hour security, located strategically

Only 15 minutes from La Romana Airport and just 45 minutes from Santo Domingo International Airport.

Sites in different environments

(On the beach, the golf course, in the Navy

in the lake, etc..) from U.S. $ 150 per square meter.

Apartments facing the beach and overlooking the marina, with completion of quality and pool.

For cash purchase price received extensive Countdown.

Note: The cash purchase is up to 3 months to complete the payment. more

Dominican Tourism Grew 3.9% during first 2010 Trimester

Dominican Republic, Caribbean: Another stressful day at the office  on Isla Saona

The arrival of tourists (foreign and Dominican passengers non-resident) to the Dominican Republic grew 3.83% in March, with a contribution of more than 7,000 new visitors by Easter, which in absolute terms represents an increase of 15.559 visitors compared to the same
months of the year 20009, according to a Central Bank report.

During the first quarter (January to March) entered the country 1 million 221 thousand 872 non-resident visitors, according to the official agency, which shows the dynamism shown by the Dominican tourism industry for seven consecutive months, specifically since September 2009.

This behavior also reflects a growth of 3.92% during the first quarter.

"Tourist arrivals by country of residence, for the first quarter of 2010 notes that North America remains the largest share with 59.9%," the Central Bank report.

It highlights the growth of 12% of the U.S. market, which contributed more than 33.777 tourists in the same period of 2009, followed by the European continent with a 30.52% share to a negative rate of -3.72%, and South America grew 52.61 % for a contribution of 22.687 additional visitors.

He also explained that the sector's growth is due to promotions conducted by the Ministry of Tourism and the private sector in order to position the country as a preferred destination in the Caribbean in international markets and the process of improvement of the global economy. more


Colina al Mar (Samana Real State)

Colina al Mar is a Samana Real State Project located Dominican Republic, it is a gated with restricted access, low density with only 60 units divided into 15 blocks, strategically located in natural surroundings combine in perfect harmony the ocean and the hills as a backdrop bearing the stunning views of the Coson Bay, developed
39.031 meters squarely in a social club containing adult and children's pool, spa, gym, tennis court, ecological tours, bar, restaurants, multi-function hall, etc.. Private Beach Club located adjacent to 300m away swimming pool, spa, gym, bar, restaurants. From U.S. $ 300,000.00.

Colina al Mar signed alliance agreement with Viva Resorts through its Viva brand Residence, with experience in tourism for over 20 years, to operate under the responsibility of managing all the facilities of the project, ensuring the owners maintenance international quality and the alternative of renting your property under the system of rental pool reservations Viva Resorts.

Colina al Mar signed an agreement with Stewart Title Dominicana that guarantees to its guests a safe investment that will certify and ensure the legitimacy of the buyer title to the time of purchase, the possibility of using Escrow account, the transfer of title to the buyer, closing handled by a team of qualified professionals in the area, locally and internationally.

The acquisition of a property in Colina al Mar allows it to be exempt from tax for the transfer of title to property tax exemption for the value of the purchase by the investment in tourism projects and tax exemption on the value of the property for 10 years . This is because the tourism incentive law 158-01 and the decree No.91-94, March 31, 1994.

Colina Al Mar offers various flexible plans and discounts that can acquire a property from USD.300, 000.00 for the 2 years of its implementation. Besides the option of financing at local banks up to 80% in pesos and 20-year term and up to 70% in dollars and 10 years later.

Colina al Mar
guarantees its guests an investment with a guaranteed return, due to its strategic location, a clean and tidy, surrounded by major projects of the beaches considered beautiful in the world and a new path that will increase sustainable development for the next two decades. more

Jet Blue Will open in Punta Cana

The Jet Blue CEO, Dave Barger, the airline said yesterday that his company is interested in expanding its operations in the country and the upcoming May 6 will open a route in Punta Cana, from which offer daily flights between the Punta Cana International Airport and John F. Kennedy in New York.

In an interview with the newspaper Listin Diario the executive said that the operations in the Dominican Republic have presented a rapid increase, with the new route the fourth destination after Santo Domingo, Santiago and Puerto Plata.

What is the relantionship of Jet Blue Airways with the Dominican Republic?

We have a presence since 2004 when we opened a path in Santo Domingo.

Subsequent years and finally Santiago, Puerto Plata. We currently have over 20 trips per day and this year we plan to reach 1.5 million passengers between input and output terminals of the country.

What motivates Jet Blue to open in Dominican Republic?

Because the benefits offered by the Dominican Republic are very important when assessing the Dominican population in New York or Florida. The country also has many important tourist spots and historical, whose visit is encouraged with advertising campaigns.

How does Jet Blue participate in the market?

Overall we are quite strong because we are one of the nine major carriers air freight and our position relative to earnings is the strongest companies in the sector.

Other than that we have several awards for our high security, cattle, and for several years. Finally, we have an efficient and skilled crew with about 12,000 people, allowing us to provide good service to our customers.

What the company is concerned stalls and globally?

In total, in the Dominican Republic have 20 daily departures to Santo Domingo in the lead. We've got 30, but in summer it is the peak date. Overall we have a fleet of 151 aircraft, 110 airbus A320, Embraer and an estimated 41 to extend the loading equipment this year. We got to 63 destinations and has 23 million customers worldwide and 1.5 million here.

Profits exceed $ 3,500 million, mostly derived from sales to customers and a smaller percentage to the loads.

What other countries are you interest in exploiring?

On our next visit we will explore Samaná because Europeans and being discovered. We are also considering opening routes to Central and South America, such as Bogotá and the Caribbean.

What base their strategies to retain customers?

In the word of mouth from people. Customers can enjoy our aircraft, good crew and good services. For example, in our route system have included fried plantains as part of the snack and realized that Latin Americans love and now is the most demanding.

What differs your company from the competition?

Each of our aircraft is equipped with a satellite television system, which we plan to expand coverage in the coming months, what makes us different from others.

The visit of Jet Blue President is part of the tenth anniversary of the company.

Dave Barger explained that the purpose is to personalize relationships between companies and their executives in the 53 destinations they serve. "We left the office and explore the local culture to know and bring the best service to our customers," he said.

According to his resume, the CEO of Jet Blue has 12 years with the company. Jet Blue is specializes in offering low fares.

During his stay in the country, chief executive of Jet Blue is meeting with Tourism Minister Francisco Javier Garcia, with whom he discussed expansion. more


Viva Resorts Allied with Grengé

Viva Resorts group formalized a partnership with business and Grangé OD Investments Group for the international promotion and marketing of brand building projects and Residence Viva Vacation Club Viva Vacation Club.

The agreement is part of the strategy of international promotion, expansion and creation of new tourist products.

Rafael Blanco Canto, executive vice president of Viva Resorts, said that henceforth Grangé Group will be responsible for the management of Leisure Viva Real Estate Group, including Viva Vacation Club products, Residence Club, Club Fractionals, and Timing. While OD Investments will be responsible for managing the marketing of tourism real estate projects Residence Viva brand.

Grangé Group, led by Alain Grangé, has an extensive and successful experience in all aspects of Leisure Real Estate Business, having created, managed and marketed global brands in the world of tourism. Alain Grange is recognized in the golf resort community and internationally.

OD Investments, chaired by Omar Dubeau, have under his charge all matters relating to the sale of units of the division Viva Residence.

Dubeau has experience in selling real estate. more


Cadaques Caribe (Bayahibe Hotels)

Cadaques Caribe is a magical combination of the mediterranean flair and the charm of the Caribbean is the main ingredient of Cadaques Caribe located in Bayahibe, La Romana in Dominican Republic.

Cadaques Caribe La Romana is located in the famous Dominicus beach, recently awarded with the “Blue Flag” recognition, offers shuttle service to the La Romana International Airport, tennis courts, gym, SPA, free tours to the Saona Island, towel service in the private beach club, special discounts in our shops and restaurants and many other advantages that you’ll enjoy being part of Cadaques Caribe.

Apartments: Cadaqués Caribe has 130 Apartments including studios, and 1 to 3 Bedrooms units. Fully integrated in the architectural style of the development.

Combine the old Mediterranean style with the modern comfort (gas, pre-installation of Air Conditioning, elevators, among many others)

Cadaques Caribe offers you 20 lots ranging from 390 sqm to 750 sqm to build your dream villa in the Caribbean to unrevailed prices.

Located around the Club House and the main pool, you can choose among several architectural designs to fit your tastes and needs and to have the place you always dreamt of. more


Ebano Verde Scientific Reservation

Ebano Verde Scientific Reservation is located in the northeast of the Cordillera Central in the Province of La Vega, Dominican Republic, with an area of 23.1 square kilometers.

Its highest point is located in Loma La Golondrina with a height of 1.505 meters, mountain sharing the protected area boundaries Loma Casabito,
Loma La Col and La Sal, where the river Camú starts.

Its name is because it is the refuge to the endangered endemic timber tree called green ebony.

The area includes the watersheds of Jatubey and Jimenoa rivers and the stream El Arroyazo, where there is the spa of the same name.

Green ebony In addition, there are 153 endemic plants of Hispaniola, including the carnivorous plant casabitoana Pinguicola the Taran, palo santo, El Copey, wind stick, stick tight and aguacatillo.

Birds abound this site are the cigüita from Constanza, the parrot and the chicuí. more


Dominicus Beach (La Romana)

Dominicus Beach is one of the most popular beaches of La Romana. Since this beach visitors can sail from the port of La Romana sail boats, catamarans and boats to Saona and Catalina Islands.

Dominicus Beach has a thick, almost white sand and fantastic rippling water. In addition there is an entrance accessible to the general public, and even a washing machine.

Visitors can rent chairs and practicing parasailing, or eat at one of the food stalls or restaurants.

Dominicus Beach is often crowded, but does not become unbearable.

This beach is presumed to be the first beach in the Caribbean to have the distinctive blue flag.

The truth is that it is a magnificent beach, located near Bayahibe, where visitors can practice all kinds of water sports and sailing and diving and snorkeling, as this area has a coral reef.

His calm and crystal clear turquoise waters are bathed by the Caribbean Sea. The sand is white and thin, and, like many other beaches in the Dominican Republic, the coast is traversed by palms and coconut trees.

It is surrounded by hotels and resorts. more