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Music in Dominican Republic

It is said that the Dominican has the pace in the blood. It's a real passion, which makes it vibrate at the slightest sound. The Dominican Republic is one of the few nations that has an authentic national music and dance, which is the Merengue.

Dominican merengue, as the Haitian and Venezuelan merengue emerged in the halls in the mid-nineteenth century as African-American transformation of the European quadrille. Imitating the good society, farmers in several regions of the island became the meringue contradanza their own ways, aesthetic and musical instruments using their own regional cultures.

What today is called "Dominican merengue comes from a region of the Dominican Republic called Cibao.

The instruments of merengue típico (traditional) or parakeet ripiao as are commonly called are the Guira, drum and accordion, and is still playing in the Cibao valley in the center of the country.

The güira is a percussion instrument consisting of a metal cylinder fitted with a handle to hold and open on both sides, on which are marked on one side a series of deep grooves. It is played by holding it vertically by the handle with your hand while scratching with a metal tooth comb.

The drum is also a percussion instrument similar to a small drum beaten by the two lados.En its most original and authentic must have two different types of patches, a goat leather (female) to play with the hand , and other leather goat (male) and played with a stick. Reportedly, the reason is that the leather is thinner and Chiva sounds more acute than the goat.

The accordion forms a curious mixture, being an instrument of German origin, complex to manufacture and use, contrasting with the simplicity of Quiros and drum.

Over time it evolved merengue, and put aside to replace the accordion trumpet and keyboard, giving rise to merengue we know today.

Another traditional Dominican music, and also considered part of the national identity is bachata. In place of the accordion, sings bachata guitar accompaniment. It is considered a hybrid of bolero with other influences such as the Cuban son.

Originally bachata was a marginal music, played at festivals. theme was cutting its tragic melancholy betrayal in love, contempt, memories ... is called "the music of bitter."

In the 70 and 80 points are softened and is spreading to more affluent classes. Juan Luis Guerra will the expansion of tourism and those who popularize definitely spreading his fame beyond the borders.

Actually other modern rhytms have become popular in the Dominican, for example hip-hop and rap, dominican rock exits since the 70s and year by year new bands and solists are known, Toque Profundo has 20 years active and they are the most important rock band in Dominican Republic.

There is a new kind of merengue called "street merengue" that is a combination of merengue, mambo and rap, young people love it even some people say "this is not merengue".

In December 8, Dominican music lost who was possibly the main artist alive, Luis Dias, a musician and composer innovator in bachata, merengue , rock and other folk rhytms who died because a heart failure.

Dominican Republic has Salsa singers too: José Alberto "El Canario", Michel, Sexappeal, Asdrúbal, Santiago Cerón, Manolé, etc.

Finally, there are many other rhythms all over the country like: mangulina, palos, carabiné, etc.

Main "Merengue Típico" Artists:

Fefita la Grande
José "El Calvo"
El Prodigio
La India Canela
Francisco Ulloa
Kiko el Presidente
Yovanny Polanco

Main Merengue Artists:

Juan Luis Guerra
Sergio Vargas
Johnny Ventura
El Jefrey
Eddy Herrera
Wilfrido Vargas
Fernando Villalona
Hermanos Rosario
Toño Rosario
Milly Quezada
Peña Suazo & la Banda Gorda
Miriam Cruz
Kinito Méndez
Rubby Pérez
Héctor Acosta (El Torito)
Alex Bueno
Félix del Rosario (merengue legend)
Joseíto Mateo (merengue legend)
Cuco Valoy (merengue legend)
Vinicio Franco (merengue legend)
Ramón Orlando (merengue legend)
Bonny Cepeda (merengue legend)

Main Bachata Artists:

Juan Luis Guerra
Anthony Santos
Joe Veras
Frank Reyes
Luis Vargas
Zacarias Ferreiras
Raulín Rodriguez
Héctor Acosta (El Torito)
Monchy & Alexandra
Yoskar Sarante
Elvis Martínez (El Camarón)
El Gringo de la Bachata
Teodoro Reyes
El Chaval
Luis Miguel del Amargue
Luis Segura (bachata legend)
José Manuel Calderón (bachata legend)
Leonardo Paniagua (bachata legend)

Main "Merengue de Calle" Artists:

Pochy Familia & La Coco Band
Amalfi & la Banda de Ataque

El Cata
El Sujeto
Mala Fé
Julián Oro Duro
Tito Swing

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