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The Dominican Culture

The Dominican culture has been the result of a mixture of different ethnic groups over time and different circumstances have rendered their own cultural elements and from them we have patented the Dominican culture and these different ethnic groups that give rise to the Dominican culture presented below.

-Taino culture.

-Spanish Culture.

-African Culture.

Each of these cultures gave strong supporting elements of a directly or indirectly what is the dominican culture today. It's good to point out that while dominican culture through the passage of time, received some contributions from other cultures, which are not presented above, as are elements of French culture, American, etc.

According to historians these aborigines were the first inhabitants of the island versions of the origins of these illustrate the effect coming from South America, like the rest of the early inhabitants of the Antilles, these had customs of the inhabitants of the Orinoco River basin in Venezuela, Amazonas, Brazil; Xingu and Tapajos, in the Guianas.

The first strong culture that is imposed on the island, is Spanish. From early colonial days there was an unprecedented cultural activity that is manifested mainly in literature and architectural order.

The first contact with African culture comes with the arrival of black Africans as slaves to the island by the Spanish to work in the different plantations.

Among the characteristic elements of that culture, which were assumed by dominicans, you can find mainly the music and percussion instruments (drums, conga, bongo, etc..), And religious beliefs (voodoo, gaga, Santeria, etc.. ).

Under last time the country's culture has been changing, renewing and modifying the elements that comprise it, this stems, in part, by economic movements and political barriers that have affected the world and have somehow impacted dominican culture.

As history went by and picked the country took elements of other cultures, which, for various reasons, came to Dominican Republic through their nationals migrating into the soil, some of the circumstances that shaped dominican culture are:

- Having been a Spanish colony.

- 22 years of Haitian occupation and the subsequent independence, which is when there is actually the Dominican culture.

- The relationships that supported the United States to dominican governments.

- The mass migrations caused by wars.

- Two interventions from the United States.

- A bloody dictatorship by Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, which lasted 31 years in an atmosphere of insecurity in the entire Dominican population.

- The ensuing democratization.

- The rapid development of technology and the possibility of arrival of the mass media, which continue to spread and disseminate the cultural elements of other people and what to come to an almost complete acculturation of our peoples, especially in the young population.

What elements distinguish our Dominican culture outside this region?. The Dominican Republic shares with the other peoples of Latin America one set of components and characteristics very similar, who has not heard outside of our area, talk about joy, hospitality, good attitude, progress, etc.. The Latin America?

The Dominican Republic is not overlooked this exaltation. Dominican society has many heritages that represent the feelings and the reason for many groups in the country, although they are not manifestations of all the people.
Characteristics that define Dominican culture:

- The Dominican culture is patriarchal (the man is the head of the family and at work).

- Even before the incorporation of women into the workplace, decision making and the leadership role was exercised by man alone.

- The family is through marriage, in which and man is the head of the family and thus man remains in the trunk of family formation.

- Even machismo prevails, and some taboos in this regard.

- The individual still remains at home until marriage.

- Persist family gatherings, holiday celebrations specific, and that are present in the beverage game, without passing this addiction.

- It was customary that the man asking the permission for marriage to the parents of the bride.

- Dominicans are hospitable people.

- It is a culture influenced by other peoples.

- It is a very rich culture in the rhythm, and counting rhythms like bachata, merengue, mangulina rifles, coffee pot, a jar, etc.. Among other features.

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